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Jul 9, 2007 10:48 PM

Fudge sundaes

Can anybody recommend a place for good old-school hotfudge ice-cream sundaes? thanks!

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  1. Gulfstream in Century City has a tasty one. GREAT fudge.

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    1. re: Adsvino

      Yes, amazing Hot Fudge Sundae at Gulfstream. Those pecans they serve with it are also heavenly!

      1. re: Adsvino

        Yes, Houston's same co. as Gulfstream)also sometimes has it. Pasadena Houston's had it this past weekend. It is tasty. They use Belgian (Callebout --SP??) hot fudge, topped with homemade whipped cream and sugared pecans. The hot fudge comes in a boat on the side. You should call to see if they have it before you go.

      2. The Lawry's group (Lawry's, Five Crowns and Tam O'Shanter) serve a good hot fudge sundae with C.C. Browns fudge...I actually believe they are making it now and they sell it at the restaurants and on line

        I miss C.C. Browns on Hollywood Blvd....I spent many dates, birthdays and anniversaries there in those old booths eating hot fudge sundaes with that little pitcher of hot fudge...sigh!!

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        1. re: TravelPath

          I second this rec. This is the only true old school Hot fudge sundae left in .L.A. You will not be happy with the fudge at Fosselman’s, Fair Oaks Pharmacy, MILK, or any other place. Lawry’s The Prime Rib, Five Crowns and the Tam are the only places in town that have C.C. Browns Hot Fudge sauce. The last time I went to Lawry's the only thing I got was a case (4 jars) of C.C. Browns -- $28. The link to buy C.C. Browns online is below.


          C.C. Browns

          IMHO the only runner-up is Ghirardelli in Pas. .
          Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolotate Shop
          110 W. Colorado Blvd
          Pasadena CA
          (626) 564-8818

          1. re: JeetJet

            Ghiradelli in Pasadena closed.

            1. re: cjla

              Oh No! I did not know that. I have not gone there in over a year. I would not buy their hot fudge in a jar because it is not the same as the house made sauce that they make. IMO, that leaves C.C. Browns on line. Mrs. Richardson's fudge is also very good. The last time I bought that I got it at Ralphs. Thanks for the update on G. Maybe the reason G closed in Pasadena is because locals are spoiled by the standard set by Soda Jerks (closed). They used C.C. Browns also.

              Mrs. Richardson's

              1. re: JeetJet

                if you're ever in san diego, there's a ghirardelli shop in the gaslamp district.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  Hey thanks, we will be in san diego for five days next week and we will check it for sure.

          2. re: TravelPath

            It's true. No matter the grade of the beef, the CC Brown's fudge (also available at Bristol Farms) makes the Sundae. For a slight additional charge they'll bring you a second little pitcher of hot fudge - do it. Resist the temptation to drink it directly from the pitcher, but don't be ashamed to wipe out the inside of the pitcher, using your finger as a spatula.

            1. re: TomSwift

              Hmmmm....I'll try to keep that in mind :9

          3. Okay, so the foods been hit-or-miss for us (as has been the service), but I am an absolute sucker for the bittersweet chocolate hot fudge sundae at Twoheys in Alhambra. Sinfully rich, smooth, and decadant. (I'm guessing that their milk chocolate fudge is also good, but since I'm not big on milk chocolate I've not tried it.)

            Twohey's Restaurant
            1224 N Atlantic Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91801

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            1. re: ElsieDee

              Used to love Twohey's. Like you say, it is now hit-or-miss... The family sold to people who own Burger Kings and Tony Romas. I haven't been back in about 5 years.

              1. re: Fru

                Yep, that'd pretty much account for the type of service and food that we've received. Thanks for the explanation.

                1. re: Fru

                  I took my lads to Twohey's for Hot Fudge Sundaes only about a year ago. They were good but would have been much better if they used Fosselman's Ice Cream, or another higher quality ice cream. I saw the container, it was Golden .... I forget. Same thing when I took the lads to Fair Oaks Pharmacy. I had read that they used Fosselman's, on this board IIRC, but that was not the case!

                2. re: ElsieDee

                  HF sundaes (and desserts in general) is about all Twohey's is good for nowadays...but those are pretty darned good! One of the best parts is that they'll cheerfully customize your fountain treat with any ice cream they have - you gotta try the hot fudge over chocolate!

                  For some reason we've had slapdash service whenever we've gone there in the daytime, but always prompt and pleasant at night.

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    I use to go there for the little stinko and some apple cobler. They must at least make the same great cobler -- right???

                  2. re: ElsieDee

                    Twohey's in Alhambra is an eatery I spent many breakfasts and dinners enjoying over the years. They offered great food, good service, and very reasonable prices. Unfortunately when the family sold to In and Out, what I heard and don't know if that is a rumor or not, the parking has become caos at busy times, quality has gone way down and prices very high. They remodeled and it's now a very bright diner in the evening and doesn't have that nice amber ambient effect of the former design. The hot fudge sundaes are still good, but the ice cream seems to be more icy and "grainy", not as smooth when the Twohey's owned it. Sorry to be a bit harsh on this review, but it seems my feelings are shared here by more of the loyal customers. A lot of the older regulars that used to go there have disappeared, mainly due to the hassle of getting a parking place. I really have no desire to go there as much and I used to eat there 2-3 times weekly, but no more. A great place to go when the original owners were running it and they were very nice folks and ran a very professional restaurant. JMHO. Go there and get a sundae and judge for yourself, I still think that is one of their best offers.

                    1. re: nitekatt2008

                      Not that it matters that much but to my knowledge, Twoheys did not sell out to In-n-Out. The family that bought Twoheys roughly 10 years ago own franchises of Tony Roma's and Burger King. The parking has never been great but In-n-Out didn't make it any better. I now park there for In-n-Out rather than Twoheys.

                  3. Frankly, California Pizza Kitchen... hot, thick, almost chewy, gooey hot fudge, vanilla Haagen-Daaz, (plus or minus caramel), (optional oreo cookie crumbs), and a cherry.

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                    1. re: Emme

                      I agree about CPK's hot fudge sundaes.

                      I also would add that the Cheesecake Factory does a very good one. But even better is the mud pie, which is a big slice of chocolate layer cake with ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and cherries. It is my favorite dessert at Cheesecake Factory.

                    2. Fosselman's.

                      They make their own hot fudge on the premises. And the ice cream ain't too shabby either.