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Jul 9, 2007 10:42 PM

Great Cheap Eats recommendations in SF for upcoming visitors?

Hey folks-
I'm looking for some solid cheap eats spots to recommend to my budget conscious relatives who are coming to SF next week. I would like to suggest a diverse choice of foods including seafood, Italian, Mexican/burritos, chines, new American, Indian, Vietnamese, etc. They are coming for a week so they should be able to hit a number of great spots w/o spending a ton of money.

If you have any suggestions I'd really appreciate your help.


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    1. Burma Superstar on Clement at 3rd Ave has great food, not too expensive and very tasty Burmese food. Try the Samusa soup and the tea leaf salad. Also, try the India Clay Oven, also in the Richmond, I think around 27th Ave and Clement. They have a luch buffet my boyfriend swears by. For Italian I would try Firenze By Night or Sodini's, both in Northbeach and good quality for not too expensive (and also not too touristy). My favorite Burrito place is El Toro on 17th and Valencia.