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Jul 9, 2007 10:29 PM

Hot Links & Dirty Rice

This meal was beyond comfort food. It was soul food. I miss Carl’s Bar-B-Q which was on Pico. I have found Hot Links with Spicy Hot & Smoky Bar-B-Q sauce, which reminds me of those great ones at Carl’s, at Hungry Al’s (Covina, just north of the 10 fry on Vincent). But what I have never found again is a decent Dirty Rice with those small pieces of chicken liver the way Carl's use to make it. That white rice was a nice brown from being cooked with that Chicken liver. I forget what else was in it but I sure do miss it. Please help me and extra points if the same place has those Louisiana beef hot links. BTW, I asked Hungry Al where he gets those special links and all would say was "In L.A.. There is a special meat supplier for us Bar-B-Q joints and thats the only place in L.A. you can get them." So, I guess I am looking for a place that gets these links, does them up right, and makes good dirty rice.

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  1. Petes Hot Links on Jefferson Louisiana style w paprika
    3701 West Jefferson
    Los Angeles, CA
    9-4 Mon
    7-4 T-Fri
    10-3 Sat

    Money Saver's Meats
    3233 W. Florence
    Los Angeles, CA 90043
    These are chiken & turkey links only no paprika but from mild to XXXHot.

    Both places are oh so good, just different.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      I agree with both of BB's suggestions but I don't know where you can get servicable dirty rice...the former owner of the Gumbo Pot and KoKoMo used to make it for me by special request...but that was a long time ago...and Carl's was a gem and is greatly missed!

      1. re: TravelPath

        I tip a cold one to Carl, wherever he is! May your fire always be low and your cooking always be slow. Does anyone know if he is till alive or has he passed on?

        1. re: Burger Boy

          Carl's BarBQ & Dirty Rice, the original location and the newer one, both on Pico Blvd. tied with Mr. Jim's "Ya don't need no teeth to eat our meat!" for my all time favorite W. Coast Q! And Carl's had seating (unlike Phillip's, my current fave). Carl's Hot BarBQ Sauce even made the cheap white bread slices taste good when you cleaned the plate with them. I'd like to know what happened to Carl, the sweet and large woman that sometimes made the Peach Cobbler and why it all went away.

          Phillip's Barbeque
          4307 Leimert Blvd LA

          1. re: sel

            I wish I bought one of those cool shirts Carl was selling near the end. A man all tied-up being cooked slow over a fire and being turned by pigs dressed as chefs spreading on the sauce. IMHO, the hot (smoke) BBQ sauce and links are much the same at Hungry Al's. Hungry Al's is almost as slow as Carl's also. But no dirty rice.

        2. re: TravelPath

          You know, are you ready for this, Popeyes has ok/serviceable dirty rice. It ain't great but it is ok.

          1. re: Burger Boy

            I'm the world's biggest fan of Popeye's Red Beans & Rice, but not their Dirty Rice. I wish they'd work on it and bring it up to the quality of the red beans.

            My very few & long ago tastes of real Cajun Dirty Rice are on the very short list of my life's peak experiences. When I moved from Louisiana I had to start trying to replicate it on my own, and tested different recipes/methods for years. If anyone's interested I'll tell them what I've learned.

            1. re: PhoebeB

              If you have a great recipe, I'd love to see it posted over on the Home Cooking Board! Thanks!

              1. re: sel

                philips bbq is good. i didnt like hungry al's bbq all that much but that was years ago so....

                1. re: sel

                  I missed this, sel, til just now, and I just posted my Dirty Rice recipe on Home Cooking as requested. If it's not clear, ask me to clarify.