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Jul 9, 2007 09:56 PM

Jerry's Sandwiches - new in Wicker Park

Spouse and I tried this new sandwich shop in Wicker Park tonight. We didn't realize that they were open until this past weekend when we wandered by then in for a glass of sangria.

Love this concept - there are over 100 sandwiches on the menu - every combination you can think of. Or if none of those tickles your fancy, you can make up your own combination. There were at least a dozen bread choices, over two dozen fillings (standards like turkey/ham/roast beef, to hummus, smoked salmon, fried eggplant, marinated skirt steak, you name it), over a dozen types of cheese, and too many condiment choices to count.

I went for the Iris D, which is: portabella mushrooms, giardenera, provolone, southwest mayo - and I chose to put it on a pretzel roll which was super fresh and chewy and it also held the sandwich together nicely. I thought the flavor of the giardenera was a perfect match with the mushrooms. Hubby went for a Louisianna fried shrimp sandwich. He enjoyed his as well.

The service was very friendly. The atmosphere feels organic, relaxing and warm. And they unwrapped a highchair for our 15-month old daughter. (There were several kids meal selections too.)

Definitely a casual place to check out. I think I've found my new favorite lunch spot in the neighborhood.

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  1. Ooo, I'm equally excited to try the place out. But my question is, is it more of a casual restaurant or more of a late night spot with booze? It's in a great space too! (right next to Coco Rouge, which I've found to be underwhelming).

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    1. re: Eaterlover

      "But my question is, is it more of a casual restaurant or more of a late night spot with booze?"

      Having visited a couple of times now I can tell you that they don't seem sure themselves.

      As for the food? Well, it's Jerry's. If you've ever been to the original shop then you know what to expect. They've got great raw product, and--with the exception of a few of the daily special sandwich creations--an entirely useless sandwich roster. [Seriously. The sandwich roster at Jerry's is nothing more than a randomly-generated listing of 300 of the possible 9,000,000 sandwich ingredient combinations. And, unless you are completely sandwich "illiterate," my opinion is that you will fare *much* better by taking the initiative to "compose" your own sandwich at Jerry's.]

      Anyway, I live a block away, and, frankly, what exites me the *most* about this newest version of Jerry's is the fact that I can get a basket of freshly-made potato chips and a draught pint of Sprecher's rootbeer so close to home.


      1. re: Erik M

        are they byo? before opening i read that was the plan.

        the homemade chips are awesome!

        1. re: jonk

          Absolutely not. They offer several beers on tap, mixed drinks, etc.


    2. "But my question is, is it more of a casual restaurant or more of a late night spot with booze?"

      Casual restaurant for sure.

      1. What's the address? Sounds like a fun place. Do you know their hours?

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        1. re: Pete Oldtown

          Here's their website Pete...
          I've been a big fan of their West Loop location since they opened. Great owners! (Mindy always remembers my name) They really paid attention to how the neighborhood changed. Five years ago they closed around 2 in the afternoon and closed on the weekends. As more folks moved in they stayed open later and opened up on Saturdays and provided more seating. Plus they have good drink options, nice staff and great tunes.

          I'd have to agree with Erik M about the name thing though. Maybe back when they opened it was a cool thing to build a clientele, but now, it sort of slows down the ordering when people go for the first time and stand in front of the register looking at 300 different sammies, when you can just: name the bread, the meat, the cheese, the condiments and LTO combination you want! lol

          I haven't been to the new space yet, but based on how they changed on the fly, all for the better, I bet the new space will only get better.

          EDIT... the kitchen soup chili is awesome!

          1. re: delk

            Jerry's Sandwiches
            1938 W Division, right next to Coco Rouge Chocolate

            1. re: delk

              Thanks, delk. I want that shrimp sammich! My daughter and I are in that area a lot, and it will make both of us happy. She just won a full scholarship to Shimer College (at IIT) and I've been taking her out to restaurants for small rewards (her big one was a new MacBook) and she loves more modest places where we can just chat and eat. Thanks again. We can shop for books and records, then walk down to eat fairly cheap.