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Jul 9, 2007 09:04 PM

Onesixty blue or Spring?

Hello all,

Coming to your great city for a weekend later this month and am trying to decide between these two for dinner on one of the nights. One member of our party of 4 is vegetarian (not vegan, though), but the rest of us are very open to everything. We're not looking to break the bank, but are okay with spending between 50-100/person (including wine).

We're looking for something in the "casual fine-dining" category, and these seem like two of the best. Like seemingly almost every place in Chicago, there are mixed reviews on both of these here, but they seem generally positive.

As I know there are passionate defenders of each of these places, I'm looking to be convinced as to which to choose. If you've got other thoughts about a place you think would be better, I'd love to hear to them!



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