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Jul 9, 2007 08:03 PM

Looking for Rabbit in Minneapolis

I am looking to purchase rabbit in/near MSP for a dinner I am cooking for 40 - 45 people. Can anyone tell me any sources of local farms or purveyors where I could purchase. I prefer to buy only the hind quarters.

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  1. Hey, Spicermax-
    I used to work for a game meats distributer in Chicago- If you can't find a local source in the next couple of days, I'll help you get in touch with them.
    (I don't want to violate CH posting rules!)

    BTW- What are you going to cook? Mmmmmm Rabbit!

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    1. re: lunchbox

      Thanks, I will try the local suggestions first - and if I still need the Chicago contact I will respond again.
      I think it will be a coq au vin type preparation. I will practice with a smaller audiance first to test it.

    2. Call Clancy's in Linden Hills

      (612) 926-0222

      1. Please post where you end up finding it and how it was! I've been looking for rabbit to cook in a French stew-type dish and haven't run across it at the farmer's market or any of the meat counters I frequent.