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Jul 9, 2007 07:52 PM

Suggestions for buying fresh shrimp and other seafood

On vacation in a couple of weeks in N.O. Can anyone suggest a seafood market or other source where I might find some good fresh gulf shrimp and other seafood at a reasonable price to throw in my cooler and take back home.

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  1. The shrimp lot on the Westbank has been my most successful location to go, if you will have a car when you are here

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      I second the Shrimp Lot in Westwego if you want straight-off-the-boat shrimp at a great price. Go to the end of the Westbank Expwy and I think it's about three lights. Look over to your left and you'll see a bunch of "booths" selling shrimp, crabs, soft shells, fish, etc that are coming off the boats. Take a left (I think there's a McDonald's or Burger King on the right where you turn). Don't let the locals fool ya, it would take you about 25 minutes to get there from Old Metairie. If you're buying quantity, it's well worth the trip. If not, there's Shaeffer & Rusich (sp?) in Metairie out by the lake.

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        Schafer and Rusich is closed for vacation July 8 - July 25

    2. Big Fisherman on Magazine St. will pack for travel, and so will Harbor Seafood on Williams just off I-10.

      1. The Shrimp Lot sounds great! What kinds of fish am I likely to find there? Cleaned? Or will I have to do that myself?
        Any chance somebody can use the new Beta feature to give us a map?

        My family lived in Lakeview and we often bought shrimp, crabs, crayfish, etc. from Capt, Sid's. Deannie's, Schafer and Rusich are right across from Capt. Sid's. All of them will pack seafood for travel.

        Captain Sid's Seafood
        1700 Lake Ave, Metairie, LA 70005

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          Not so many fish at the shrimp lot, mostly the usual suspects (catfish, maybe flounder, some snapper). Best consistent selection of finfish is Hong Kong Market on Behrman Highway.

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            Celeste, are you going to start using the wonderful new Places Beta? It may be one Hell-of-a-challenge for google to find all those back of the bayou places that you always tell us about but it sure would be a help to us.

            Fish has always been SO hard to find in NOLA. Guess the best goes to restaurants. We had to depend on what we caught or got from friends who fished. We're over in Pensacola a lot and there's a terrific fish market there that's always packed. Never have been able to believe that NOLA can't support something like that.

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              I haven't tried the feature yet. While I've found that mapquest, google maps, etc work well for urban areas, they're almost laughably inadequate for rural Louisiana. My dad has tons of stories about lost travelers stumbling into his workplace, woefully lost thanks to mapquest et al.

              RE: finfish, you can also buy fish retail at LA Seafood Exchange, behind Crabby Jack's on Jeff Highway near the Orleans/Jeff Parish line. Post-Katrina, finfishing has declined quite a bit, and the best part of the catch always goes to the restaurant trade in our area, and no small part of it is shipped out of state, where it commands premium prices. I have, in my time, addressed & air-freighted many waxed seafood boxes to buyers located at the old Fulton Fish Market...the fish always went to the buyer who paid top dollar, regardless of location.

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                The new Place Beta feature is really good. It shows the place with a small map around it so it gives you an idea of where the place is in relationship to other landmarks. Would be fabulous for the French Quarter, CBD, etc. New Orleans can be confusing. I had no idea of N/S/E/W until well after I moved away. I only knew "toward the Lake," Uptown, Downtown, "on the River side...," etc. That's pretty hopeless for tourists. I always loved telling someone to take the bus to the Cemeteries.

                I added LA Seafood Exchange. Easy. I think you can go in and add your comments about it such as what people can expect to find there. Please do - we all depend on your knowledge of local stuff.

                Louisiana Seafood Exchange
                428 Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70121

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              Trying out the places thingy...

              Hong Kong Food Market
              925 Behrman Hwy, Gretna, LA 70056

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                You are now Queen of the New Orleans Board!
                We'll have to try this for some of the Back of Town and Down on the Bayou places. Wow!
                I like the list of Places Mentioned over on the far right. This is a really useful new feature on Chowhound. Supposedly they're trying to get it working so there'll be a master database of good places and where they are. That will save a lot of time giving the same stuff over and over.

          2. I love the shrimp lot in Westwego. It is amazing that some people I know who have lived in the New orleans Area for many years, have never been there. The shrimp prices are great, starting around $3.25/lb for smaller shrinp (most likely 8.95/lb in CA according to my friend in Sunnyvale). You can get very large shrimp for about $4.00-$4.50/lb. Some vendors have Tilapia, Red Fish, Spotted Trout, gumbo crabs, crawfish...all have been caught during the morning of your purchase according to my sources. 1lb of the jumbo shrimp will give you about 1/2-3/4 shrimp meat. The shells are great for making stock. The vendors have ice on hand for packaging if you are making a long or short trip. I highly recommend the Shrimp Lot. It's right off the Westbank Expressway at Louisiana in Westwego on the East bank of the Mississippi. From my home in Metairie, it takes about 20-25 minutes to get there, not a long drive since at all as I was used to living in the San Francisco Bay Area.