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Jul 9, 2007 07:50 PM

Where to buy plain, fresh made crepes en masse?

I'm looking for somewhere that I could pick up about 5-10 crepes made fresh for a reasonable price in the downtown area. I'm aware of many restaurants/cafes that serve crepes, but prices range from ~$5 and up for a single crepe; I'm looking more for a bakery or something that would sell them cheaper.

I'm by St.Catherine/Crescent downtown. None of the groceries around me seem to sell plain crepes (or am I blind?)

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  1. There's a creperie on Ste-Catherine, just west of Fort, on the north side. It look like a typical creperie, i.e. they make their crèpes in the window so that anyone passing by can watch.
    Unfortunately, I don't know the name, nor have I eaten there.

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    1. re: rillettes

      I pass by there quite often and I don't remember coming across a creperie. Perhaps you are referring to the turkish restaurant 'Avesta' which has a lady sitting near the window making a sort of turkish flat bread.

      Maybe I'll pass by that route today evening and see if I can find the creperie you refer to.

      1. re: stationearth

        He is probably thinking about 'Avesta.' I've been down that route to Atwater dozens of times and seen the lady making the pita-like bread, never seen a creperie there.

        I could walk 30 seconds in any direction from my apartment and find maybe 6-8 cafes selling crepes, but they're all $6+. It seems strange there's nowhere to buy the crepes like one would buy a bunch of fresh croissants or something.

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          The crêpe place at Jean-Talon market (yes, I know it is not downtown) sells fresh crêpes - think something like 6 for $10, though I'll have to check the price. They are nice buckwheat crêpes (galettes) - they also sell the slightly-sweet dessert ones. Think it is simply called Crêperie du marché, and it is along the new corridor of "gourmet" shops, about halfway.

          1. re: lagatta

            Yes, you're right they sell fresh crepes & it's called Creperie du Marche. I was there today. It's 6 for $12 to be exact.

    2. I'm sure I've seen cellophane bags with blue and white printing of crepes imported from Brittany. The only problem is I don't recall where. It may well have been in the specialty foods section of a Provigo or Métro. Or maybe a gourmet food shop like Gourmet Laurier or one of the French butchers. Will keep an eye peeled and report back if I spot them.

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      1. re: carswell

        yep- Metro at Victoria & Sherbrooke in Westmount used to carry them- I can't speak for now, sorry.

        1. re: carswell

          Probably all of those places - I've even seen the crêpes bretonnes at Milano on St-Laurent, and at selected supermarkets, and at places like La Vieille Europe (on St-Laurent, but in the southwestern Plateau, not far from downtown). But I'd think Crêperie du marché crêpes would be a lot fresher.

        2. You could try an IGA. I recently saw a flyer with new products in the house-brand "Our Compliments" line, and crepes were among the new offerings.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I found some packaged crepes bretones in a 'Metro' grocery over on St Laurent I think. They taste like playdough (d'oh) so I'm giving in and trying to make some myself.

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            1. re: woober

              Well, obviously it is better to make them yourself - guess we'll be seeing you over in "home cooking" and "cookware" (for a crêpière) about that. But the ones at the Jean-Talon market are much better and fresher than the supermarket kind.

              1. re: woober

                I don't know if you have already cooked and served them, but David Lebovitz just had a blog entry about making crepes. Here it is: