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Jul 9, 2007 07:45 PM

Cavaillon for breakfast (San Diego)!

We had the most delicious and well-executed breakfast this Sunday at Cavaillon in Santaluz! One of THE best breakfasts in town for about $10/person, not including beverages, tax or tip!

We started off with a plate of their beignets with powdered sugar and homemade strawberry jam. Beignets were cooked to perfection--hot and perfectly risen with a light dusting of powdered sugar on top. Not even the slightest hint of greasiness or denseness! Strawberry jam was pleasantly tart and a nice accompaniment to the beignets.

We all had a tough time deciding what to order and a fight ensued over ordering the same vs different dishes b/c I wanted to taste as many dishes as possible. I chose the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives. Absolutely divine! If they say the mark of an excellent chef is how well they can do scrambled eggs, well Chef Verpiand can do it here! The eggs were soft, creamy (apart from the cream cheese), the way they should be. Salmon and chives added a light but not overpowering flavor to the eggs. They were accompanied by the most perfectly roasted red potatoes with carmelized shallots--sublimely flavored and subtly sweet from the carmelization.

Tasted the Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and spinach. It absolutely danced in my mouth on the first bite--both the explosion of flavors and textures! Perfectly poached eggs with a deliciously runny yolk. I can't remember if there was hollandaise on it, but if there was, it did not drench or overwhelm the rest of the dish.

Also tried the 3 egg omelet with tomatoes and herbs. Very simple concept, very well executed! Fluffy, soft and not rubbery omelet that encased Italian parsley, basil and a tomato compote (or jam--something of the sort). The combination of tomatoes and herbs were wonderfully fresh and clean--could have eaten the whole thing by myself. Also came with the delicious potatoes.

All of the egg dishes came with toast. which we passed on since we already had the beignets.

I think this is one of the best breakfast deals (or steals) in town. If my memory is accurate, The Cottage is in the same price point and their food doesn't even compare! The same care and precision that goes into their dinners is very evident in their breakfast menu. Another bonus is that if you want a mimosa, bellini Bloody Mary with your breakfast, they have it too!

We went at 9 am, when they first opened. No wait at all. The courtyard was a pleasantly quiet and fragrant environment (thanks to the jasmine plants) place to enjoy wonderful food. No crazy crowds or lines like in La Jolla or Del Mar. Breakfast only on Sundays from 9 am-2 pm.

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  1. We went there for brunch a few months ago and I had the eggs benedict with bacon and spinach; the best eggs benedict I ever had in San Diego County. The beignets and chocolate croissant were also pretty damn good!

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    1. re: pbhomey

      I saw the chocolate croissant and will have to get it next time!

      1. re: daantaat

        Thanks for posting about Cavaillon..
        I can't wait to go and its great to know that they serve Breakfast on Sunday and of course Dinner too!

    2. Great post, just wanted to confirm my experience matches yours.

      Sunday brunch, no wait, $10 entrees. My wife ordered the Crostini and loved it. This was recommended by our waitress and when we got home we researched the cheese we needed to make it at home. It was appetizer size and I'd recommend this if you wanted to split one. I ordered the eggs benedict and it was the best I've ever had and I've been having them since I was a kid. They poached the egg right, hollandaise sauce right, I'd definitely order it again. Our friend ordered the beignets and it's not my thing but I liked it for what it is.

      I did order a chocolate croissant - not what I expected and wouldn't recommend it. It wasn't bad, but I was hoping for a crisp fresh croissant with a touch of chocolate filling - what you'd find in a nice cafe in Italy or France. I'm not sure what we had was technically a croissant but I could be wrong, and it also wasn't fresh though I understand that's not always practical. In any case, for lack of a better description it was like the difference between American pizza and authentic Italian pizza. I like good American pizza and have no problem with it, but I love authentic Italian pizza. Everything else we ordered was perfect so I'm hardly dissapointed.

      I'd agree about the Cottage, don't have a problem with their food but like you said it doesn't compare. Cavaillon is a nice drive on Del Sur from the 56..making the drive was a pleasure rather than a chore with the neighborhoods we drove through - this was our first time this far down the road.

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      1. re: royaljester

        That drive along the new Camino Del Sur is a nice drive, especially if you continue on to 4-S Ranch.

        1. re: royaljester

          glad to hear you enjoyed Cavaillon as well! I haven't had their croissants (too spoiled by fresh chocolate ones from Pearl Bakery in PDX....) but will keep what you said in mind.

        2. Nice post. This sounds wonderful I will try to be there before the crunch next Sunday at Cavaillon although there might be a line after reading this.

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          1. re: P Macias

            Thanks for reviving this thread.

            Sounds absolutely yummy

          2. we finally made it to Cavaillon for brunch and were very, very pleased. started with beignets, 2 in our party had the lobster eggs benedict, I had the scallops/scallions with scrambled eggs and we split the mushroom raviolis. had a bottle of Mumm (very fairly priced at $40). finished with vanilla creme brulee. okay, so we over ate...

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              You weren't the only ones who over ate....we rolled ourselves out of there in the early evening and my most memorable dish was an appetizer called, "Chef's Garden Delight - Chilled Tomato & Basil, Tapenade Crostini" soup that was tomato-fresh and creamy without being heavy, and dotted with flavorful olive oil. That was crazy good.