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Jul 9, 2007 07:23 PM

Greensboro, NC Hounds! Show your stuff!

OK guys, my brother and his wife have their dearest friends moving from Denver, CO to Greensboro, NC for work. They are really sad, but they want to give a sendoff gift of a GC to a REALLY GOOD Greensboro restaurant for them for dinner. What do you have? These are folks with a pretty discerning palate. Any kind of food is fine - they're wide open. So whatcha got?


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  1. Either Undercurrent (downtown) or Bistro Sofia (Guilford College area) are both excellent fine dining establishments who would produce a memorable evening.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Those would be my top two, as well although I haven't been to either Muse or Marisol.

      Two other downtown restaurants are also worthy of consideration: Liberty Oak and 223 S. Elm. I only offer these up so that you can pass on additional ideas to your friends once they relocate.

    2. Marisol on High Point Road is the best in my opinion, although Bistro Sofia is good. Undercurrent just has not been as consistently good at the new location. Marisol's menu is constantly changing, and it is present verbally by the wait staff, which are the best in this area, IMO. They use as much local stuff as they can, and it works well. This is excellent food, not food messed about.

      1. I will be eating at Bistro Sofia this weekend with my fiancee and an esteemed foodie friend of mine whose recent dining exploits have chronicled such greats as the French Laundry, Cyrus, Michel Richard Citronelle, and CityZen. Our visit is incidental to having to be in Greensboro that evening - otherwise I'd like to take him to Bonne Soiree or Magnolia Grill. Anyway, we'll report back here on our findings.

        Other than that, another place in Greensboro I've heard good things about (although have never been myself) is Muse:

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          I would say either Liberty Oak or Green Valley Grill.

        2. Been to all of the mentioned restaurants in the replies and Marisol and Muse are THE best of the bunch. Bistro Sophia is excellent but I think the menu is a little limited. 1618 West Seafood Grill is my favorite for a relaxing, casual meal with incredible food and presentation. Chef George Neal likes height on his plates!

          1. Van Loi Vietnamese and Chinese BBQ. Best food in Greensboro, hands down.