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Jul 9, 2007 07:14 PM

Restaurants by boat

Going for a boat ride tomorrow starting in Leschi and was wondering on some ideas for restaurants accessible (even somewhat) via lake washington or lake union. Any ideas? I've got Agua Verde, Ivars, Joeys and whatever else is down there (not really thinking Hooters, it is my mom's bday). Thanks

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  1. You can add Daniel’s Broiler to the restaurants you listed on Lake Union. Also, don’t forget to look east. Kirkland has several good options including …Third Floor Fish Café, Anthony’s Homeport, Marina Park Grill and 21 Central all within easy walking distance of the pier. Another site to the east just south of downtown Kirkland is Carillon Point where you will find Yarrow Bay Grill and the more casual Beach Cafe at the Point.