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Jul 9, 2007 07:07 PM

Best Creme Brulee in Palm Springs?

My friend is obsessed with creme brulee and is in search of the best one out there. We have had it at Sullivans, Agua Pazza, Cork Tree, LG's... Any thoughts on where to get a really good creme brulee in Palm Springs area?

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  1. I love the brulee at Zin and Philippe's

    1. I believe I had a wonderful one at Le Vallauris.

      1. One of the best creme brulees I've ever had was at Blend in La Quinta. Go there just for that!

        1. We'll be there for 8 days, so I'll be revitalizing some of these PS threads... I also love creme brulee but like the middle slightly warmer than room temperature and definitely not cold (out of the fridge). Some places are willing to accommodate but most aren't. Any of these places serve it warm? Thanks!

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            To answer my own thread in case others are like me, I went to Billy Reed's twice, and each time I asked that my creme brulee warmed. This place wins the award of the place where I can request warm creme brulee and consistently not have the server blink an eye! "Sure" and "Of course," not "we don't do that," "we can't do that," "it won't taste good," etc.

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              One of the best brullee's I've had was at Donovan's in LJ. Made with real vanilla bean and enough to feed 2. I'd go there just for that.