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Jul 9, 2007 05:24 PM

Drinks on way to Gramercy Tavern from Midtown E

Looking for a nice bar to take my son and 5 others in their 20s on the way to dinner at Gramercy Tavern, walking from E 40s (weather permitting). Something special, hip but not too hip, New-Yorky. What do all the cool people suggest? Thanks. P.S. can't have any stairs--son is in a wheelchair.

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  1. Campbell Apartment, Grand Central Station
    230 Fifth, 27th and 5th (for the views / scene, don't expect artisanal cocktails)
    Gramercy Park Hotel Rose / Jade Bar, 21st and Lexington ($$$)
    Flatiron Lounge, 19th b/t Bway and 6th (a few steps out of the way but destination drinking)
    Tabla Bread Bar, 25th and Madison

    The Bar at Gramery Tavern is pretty incredible, too.

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      I'd agree with D...DF. Tabla Bread Bar is a great choice. It's outside (but covered), the drinks are good, and it's close to Gramercy Tavern. 230 Fifth is a very hip place with great views ( There is an elevator to the roof garden as well.

      Gramercy Park Hotel is cool, but they can be rather discerning at the door, only allowing hotel guests or people on 'the list' inside. You could also go for a drink in Bryant Park if that's convenient to your spot in the E 40s. I haven't been to Campbell Apartment in Grand Central, but I've heard it doesn't feel like you are in Grand Central and has a pretty good story behind it.

      1. re: jrazzle

        Great suggestions; 230 Fifth sounds perfect, as does Tabla--I've eaten in the main restaurant. Will give my son the choice. Thanks.

        1. re: janeer

          if you don't take these young men to the king cole bar (55th) you'll regret it. grab an early drink there and move on as you see fit.

    2. When visiting NYC a couple years ago, we had drinks at Flute - a couple doors (or maybe next door to?) from Gramercy Tavern before dining there. We really enjoyed it.