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Upper Crust on Charles St. Boston?

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Has anyone had the pizza at the Upper Crust? We were at The Sevens on 7/7/7 (how goofy is that- I like to make memories!!) on Charles and noticed the Upper. Tell me if it is worth taking a trip in for their pizza? Thanks.

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  1. Some local Hounds clearly dislike this place (the Coolidge Corner location especially seems to attract a lot of vitriol), but I had a couple of pies at the Beacon Hill location and thought they were pretty good for the style: very thin crust, coarse sauce, wood-fired oven, gourmet toppings. The space is a little ugly, kind of a dated-looking mid-90s bare-bones industrial-chic aesthetic, and I haven't been back in quite a while, but my first impressions were good. I liked watching the dough being hand-rolled right there in the dining room.

    1. I haven't been to that location, but I like Upper Crust a lot. I get the spinach leaf (spinach, garlic, ricotta) delivered pretty frequently. It always needs a few more minutes in the oven, so if you're going to eat there I'd request it well done. I wouldn't say it's destination pizza, but it's definitely a regular neighbohood take out/delivery spot for me.

      1. I get delivery from that location occasionally and really enjoy it. And I'm sure it's even better fresh out of the oven.

        1. Once upon a time UC was among my favorite pizza (before I discovered Santarpio's and The Paddock). Over the last few years though I've been disappointed there. Once an overcooked pie (tough, blackened, cut the roof of my mouth on the crust) and a few other times the pizza has been dried out and/or way over salted. I really want to like it again b/c it always smells so good, but it just isn't happening.

          1. I'm a big fan, although I've only been to that particular location once. It's very Italian-style, in that the crust is super thin and crispy, and there's a lot of fresh toppings without an emphasis on cheese. Not typical US pizza, but if you're open to that, it's great.

            1. It's quite variable. Sometimes the quality of the toppings wins out, at other times the slice is floppy and thicker than it should be, lacking the balance of crispiness and chew.

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                I agree it can be inconsistent, probably due to the fact it is now an expanding chain.

                However, when Upper Crust is at the top of its game, I think it's better than Regina's. I like the sweet sauce.

                Whether it is worth taking a trip in depends on how often you make pizza pilgrimages to Boston. Once a year? Then no. Every month? Definitely.

              2. The Upper Crust on Charles Street has very good pizza - but if you are making a "trip in" to the area why not travel a few blocks away to Reginas on Thatcher Street (in the North End) for some of the best pizza anywhere?
                By the way, this Upper Crust does not provide a pleasant place to eat your pizza there - which is why most people use them for take out pizza.

                1. For this style of pizza, I vastly prefer Za in Arlington and Emma's in Kendall.

                  1. I've been pleased with their special slices over the years. it has been one of the few pizza places that I can tolerate eating at (being a snotty NYC expat), and for a free event at the Hatch Shell or the Boston Common (e.g. Shakespeare in the Park) it's my preferred light dinner for the show, along with a lovely bottle of port from De Luca's across the street.

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                      Thanks for replying. My SO had the special of the day - some spinach-laden one. He thoroughly enjoyed it but enede up eating it outside as it is not very conducive to dining in!!

                    2. It's pretty good, but not the best in town. I vehemently dislike their red sauce, so I always get slices that don't involve the overly sweet stuff.

                      1. We opted for Figs over Upper Crust this past weekend, which is the smart choice if you are looking for pies rather than slices. Figs was pretty darn good, with a much better crust than UC.

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                          That used to be what I thought for a few years. But in the past 1-2 years, I've soured on Figs. Or more specifically, I've salted. i used to adore the Figs pizzas for their lovely crispy crusts and the toppings with the lovely tasty caramelized onions. But the last few pies that we got from there before my wife and I moved out of Beacon HIll struck both of us as oversalted. So we've gravitated over towards Upper Crust, and usually whatever the special slice is.

                          To each his or her own, though MC Slim JB notwithstanding, I still maintain there's better pizza in New York (where, admittedly, I grew up). But Upper Crust will do in a pinch.

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                            I grew up in Singapore, but my ideal pizza is still one I had in Naples (the pizza I grew up with was Pizza Hut, so it's not like I'm rooting for what I grew up with).

                            I'll keep on looking, but have yet to find a pizza that compares in terms of just the sheer quality of ingredients (e.g. buffalo milk moz) like the one I had at an unassuming pizzeria in Naples (Antico Pizzeria e Frittitura, iirc). I'm happy just to find places that don't chop up the mozzerella but place it on the pizza in large pieces to let it melt into a warm soft creamy pool.

                            Locally, on a good day, the crust from the versions at Antico Forno can sometimes spur my imagination a bit, but the sauce (bit too watery) doesn't do it for me.

                            I've been liking the ones at Ernesto's coz they have really crispy crusts from double-baking (kinda cheating, but good crispy thin crust is hard to find). Caveat -- I haven't been since they spruced up the place a bit and I remember reading a few disappointing posts here.

                            I do need to go back to Campania (the restaurant in Waltham, that is) to retry their pizza.

                        2. Haven't been to the UC on Charles Street, but the one in Lexington isn't bad. I'd rather go to Santarpio's, the Paddock, Regina's, T. Anthony's, or Bianchi's (God, I hope they don't close), but overall I think the Upper Crust has pretty good pizza.

                          Not to get into another one of those talks about pizza in general, but I find that my favorite pizza places in various Northeast cities, while different from one another, are all well worth going to--tough to say that one is better than another, though Pepe's in New Haven might be my favorite of them all. For me, I'd say my favs are:

                          -- Boston: Regina's

                          -- Providence: Sicilia's (much better than the one near BU from what I've heard--haven't been to that one mainly because of all the negative feedback)

                          -- New Haven: Pepe's

                          -- Manhattan: Arturo's

                          -- Brooklyn: Grimaldi's

                          Any one of these places above is a good deal better (IMO) than Upper Crust, but again, I think UC is at least a little better than average...