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Jul 9, 2007 04:41 PM

Has anyone been to Taste at Belvedere recently?

I was at Daedalus Books today and saw Taste's sidewalk signs advertising two-for-one entrees on Tuesday nights. Any feedback?

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  1. Not sure how you define recently, but I was there within the last 6 months. I found it perfectly ... fine. The service was pretty bad -- inattentive and indifferent. The shrimp and grits appetizer was served lukewarm and the shrimp was a bit overcooked. As an entree I had some sort of white fish, I forget the exact fish now but it was their special that night, and it was, again ... fine. Nothing special about it or the steamed veggies that came with it. Now I'm a veggie lover, so that wasn't my issue, it was more like there was nothing about the dish -- no interesting herbs on the veggies, no tasty salsa on the fish, etc. -- that made it pop. Everything was just ... fine.

    And considering it was nothing more than fine, it is terribly, terribly overpriced. It's funny you ask about the Tuesday night special, because I have commented often to friends that the only way I would ever go back would be if it were a Tuesday, because otherwise the food simply isn't worth it. I'll pay $10 -- $12 for a "fine" entree, but not low $20s. So I guess my point is, if you are curious to give it a try yourself, definitely make it a Tuesday.

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      I will join the overpriced/fine chorus. We went for my birthday in Feb. of this year to try something new. It was some sort of deal night, but it still ended up being expensive and the food was so-so. In fact, we decided to not have dessert there, but drove down to Charleston to end our evening at a place we knew would have a fabulous dessert.

      And a Charleston aside (which probably belongs on a Charleston thread, but it is related to this topic), it was a bitter chocolate flourless cake of some sort, and I had ordered a red wine, which the bartender (we ate in the bar) brought to me, but she also brought out two glasses of dessert wine (on the house - and we definitely didn't look like anyone special) that she said would be amazing with the dessert. I usually don't like dessert wines, but this was the most perfect pairing I've ever had. This is why I don't mind paying what Charleston costs - fabulous service and when it is right on (dessert is usually always right on), it is stellar.

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        The grilled Caesar was pretty tasty. But unfortunately, that was it.

        The rest of our dinner was 'meh', and the service was some of the worst I've had anywhere.

      2. I have not been recently, because I vowed not to return after my last visit. I wish I could be generous enough to give them another chance, but I found the food so mediocre and uninspired on the two occasions I've been there that I just cannot do it. To be fair, I only tried the appetizers, so maybe the mains are better??

        1. i think the chef use to be a private caterer. i don't think she has the proper credentials to pull off an expensive, fine dining concept in a free standing restaurant. mediocrity seems like word of the day....

          1. I've eaten there three times since they opened: app's only; full 3 course meal; lite meal. The most recent was late spring/early summer and we (bf and I), had a lite meal of dozen oysters and one entree and salad and one mojito. With tip and tax our cheque was close to $150, which we thought was incredibly expensive, esp as we were NOT blown away by the food. I have to say, I've been really dissappointed with the food here which I also think is overpriced. Has anyone had a positive, good, go back experience?

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              Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll look elsewhere for a night out......

            2. I'm surprised at all of the negative comments. I've actually had several very good meals at Taste and it is one of my favorite restaurants in Baltimore. I have recommended it to friends and they have enjoyed it as well. I agree that the regular prices are somewhat steep, so my recommendation would be to go on a Tuesday and check it out for yourself.