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Jul 9, 2007 04:09 PM

Chinese Food PDX Area

I am craving good Chinese Food. Our little coastal town does not have any to to speak of. We are spending the night near the airport and would like something fairly close. Not a hole in the wall. Something with some ambiance and good food too. Expensive is OK.

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  1. There have been a lot of downhill reports on Wong's King, but it's probably the closest to what you're looking for on that side of town. Otherwise, you're probably just best off going into the Pearl and eating at Sungari, which will have a wine list, white tablecloths, and higher prices.


    1. I suggest Sungari dowtown.

      1. If you have two meals, have brunch at Wong's King and dinner at Sungari. Or you could get straight Chinese at Sungari and then, near the airport, get some killer Vietnamese at Pho Van or hit the wonderful Malay Satay Hut for fantastic southeat Asian, also near the airport.

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          I'm sure this is too late for the OP, but my huband and I tried Sungari Pearl for lunch last month and we were both underwhelmed. Everything was bland - really blah. As I recall, we got the app sampler, he got the shrimp with mandarin sauce, and I got the Buddha's Delight (stir fried veggies).

          Maybe we didn't make the right selections, or is the downtown Sungari that much better?

          We still need to try Wong's King. The one time we tried to go they were closed for a private party.