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Jul 9, 2007 03:49 PM

Good fish/farmers Markets in Truro,MA?

I am going to Truro for a week. I'm not that familiar with the area and we plan on eating in for the majority of our trip. Does anyone know what the best fish markets or farmer markets are? Anywhere to get organic produce and /or gourmet ingredients??
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. There's a gourmet store in "downtown" Truro called Jams. I haven't been this year, but it used to be good. In Wellfleet, in the main parking lot in town, there's an excellent fish market, and very good green grocer, probably the best around.

    For true gourmet ingredients, if you'll be anywhere near P-Town, the store at Clem and Ursie's on Shankpainter Road has an excellent selection of cheeses, breads, fish, lobsters and plenty of high-end gourmet ingredients.

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      Thank you- I appreciate the info!

    2. Jam's is a huge rip-off. Stop in Hyannis at Trader Joe's and stock up on your way there. There's a farm stand on the right hand side of rte. 6 right after you cross the Wellfleet town line that has local produce. The big Super Market in PTown on Shankpainter's road is where all the locals buy their groceries and is half the price of Jam's. There's a group of stores in Truro on Rte. 6 at Corn Hill Rd that have all the basics- a deli with good bread and produce, a liquor store with a large wine and beer selection and a fish market in the rear that will cook your lobster for you.

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        Jam's is ridiculously overpriced.

        It all depends on where in Truro you are -- the further south you are, the closer you are to Hatch's (Hatche's) Market in Wellfleet (which winedude was referring to) which has both excellent produce and truly great fresh fish. Also nearby are the downtown market and Mac's Seafood Market on the pier, which are certainly good enough.

        If you're more north in Truro, then the places Ginny recommended are where you'll be looking, plus the market at Clem & Ursie's.

      2. Hey foodsnob14, mind sharing what you found? We're going on Sunday for a week and we'd welcome your input. I actually emailed the realtor those very questions today, to no avail. Many thanks in advance.

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          Mac's seafood in Truro near Jam's is excellent.

        2. There is a wonderful farmer's market in Orleans on Old Colony Way, behind the Staples plaza, on Saturday mornings.