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Jul 9, 2007 03:39 PM

Romantic Friday Dinner in Old Pasadena?

My husband and I will have a date night on Friday night. My mom-in-law will what our little one. Any recommendations on where to go to dinner for a nice date night in Old Pasadena? I'm curious about Red, White and Bluezz. Is that a better place to go after dinner or is the food, atmosphere, entertainment good for dinner? I appreciate your help.

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  1. The food is very good at RWB, the atmosphere is casual, but a little bit crowded in the main dining room. I have not done the back room where the blues is played, but that sounds like it would be really fun.
    RWB is a great choice, maybe not that high on the romantic factor, but you could make it that way.
    I think Trattoria Tre Venezie is the most romantic restaurant in old town. I love the food, too. And before the detractors chime in, I know there are detractors.

    1. i've always loved Celestino's - good service without being fussy, cozy, & consistently tasty food without the hype. there is a huge parking lot in the back & from what i remember it was free. its not on colorado so there isnt much of a people watching scene - but afterward you could head over to that area and have drink/dessert.

      (626) 795-4006
      141 S Lake Ave
      Pasadena, CA 91101

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        I agree, Celestino's is terrific, the food is delicious, the waiters are proper, and it does have a romance factor. It's much quieter on Lake Ave, which could be a positive or negative depending on what the OP is looking for.

      2. Don't know about R, W, and Bluezz, but since you asked:
        I would try Maison Akira. Mixed reviews, but I have found it reliably elegant and serene, with dependably good FrancoJapanese cuisine (with many pure French selections). Another quiet, romantic place is Madeleine's on Green Street - food is good, though not as imaginative. Extensive by the glass wine list. Bistro 45 will also serve the purpose on a quiet night (weekday), especially if you're into interesting California wines. I have been consistently disappointed at the supposedly romantic Raymond. The popularity of Derek's and Tre Venezie is a mystery to me - expensive and underwhelming . The big name places (Parkway Grill and Ritz Huntington Dining Room) have been good and can even be romantic (especially the latter), but not cost effective.

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          I always think of The Raymond when I think of Romantic.

        2. Romantic to me would be an evening at the Levitt Pavillion with a picnic listening to the great Amanda Dumas! A bottle of wine, a loaf of bread and thou...............

          1. first of all: bistro 45 is very nice. i posted my very first review on chowhound back in march on this place:

            i do not know your budget, and i don't know how far you are willing to go from actual "old town", but we have really enjoyed briganti on mission in south pasadena (about 10 minutes from old town). great food, wonderful service, can be very romantic.

            regardless of where you go (especially if you go to "R,W & B" [which is on my list of places to check out]), please post a review afterwords. have a great date.

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            1. re: justanotherpenguin

              I don't want to go to a fancy, formal dinner. My budget is probably about $30 per person including drinks. I don't mind venturing away from Old Pas if it isn't too far. We eat all kinds of food so we are not scared of trying something new.

              1. re: chowhound chloe

                I'll get crapped on this by other CH'ers, but in terms of 'romantic dinner' I thought melting pot was absolutely great. Called in ahead of time and let them know I had something special planned, they gave us a killer booth away from everyone, very secluded where nobody else could see you. Excellent service, and it would've been a great view if the window weren't so steamy (not like that you dirty, dirty people). The chocolate fondue is a must though, so that might bring you over the 30/pp requirement.

                1. re: ns1

                  ns1--I appreciate the suggestion. The Melting Pot sounds like a fun and romantic spot. I'm not sure where we'll go yet, but I'll provide a review. Also, I want it to be a surprise for my husband who isn't expecting a "date" night.

                2. re: chowhound chloe

                  You might be able to squeeze in at that budget at RWB, with 1 glass of wine each, if you order carefully, and neither of you has a huge appetite. Their small plates are very decent size, I was good with just one small plate plus sharing the cheese plate with a couple of friends. I was also drinking more than 1 glass of wine. Still left full, and not just from the alcohol.
                  You can eat almost anywhere in old town at $30pp if you don't do a three course meal and don't drink a lot.
                  If you go to RWB, have a great time, it's relaxed and fun, the food is very good, the service friendly.