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Jul 9, 2007 03:01 PM

What do NYC residents really think about Dean & DeLuca?

I went here friday morning and their baked goods always look so good. We shared a carrot cake cup cake. And as in the past I get so disappointed when they turn out stale. Do you NYC residents go here or is it just a tourist trap? Richie

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  1. It can be expensive and the baked goods are from other places. But they do carry Balthazar's oat scones which are among my favorite things in the world. The soups and the salad tasting plates can be good too. (I go to the University place one).

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      There is one on Madison Avenue quite close to where I live, but I rarely go there, because the produce is often a mixed bag - pretty large selection, but they are usually out some basics, and some of the produce looks pretty worse for wear. The fish also looks like it has been sitting around for a while. The cheese selection is quite good. But overall, for the prices, I'd rather go elsewhere. I've not had problems with baked goods being stale, and they do have a nice selection of baked goods from various NYC area bakeries, and also have pain de mie, which I love. I think the Prince St. store is better. Oddly, it is the cheapest place that I've found for Emmi yogurts!

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        off-subject - the oat scones at Amy's are my fave - particularly the banana pecan!

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          Love Amy's cherry cream scone. But, try Levain's also--delicious.

      2. I was very excited when they first opened on 85th and Madison. The charm has worn off-those prices are absolutely ridiculous and a slap in the face to the nabe. $12/lb for prepared cauliflower? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Not always the freshest food either. I recently bought several different types of herring. One was so old it was liquified! Many of thier so called gourmet items are from cans which they set out on display-i haveseen them do it with my own eyes. And the guy who slices salmon-he thinks he is doing us a favor-always a real grouch and seems bothered everytime i place an order.The one pet peeve i really have is seeing workers nosh with thier hands between customers or shoving food in thier mouths when they don't think others are watching. I have seen this too many times so now take my business elsewhere except for thier soups which are great.I am not disgruntled for petty reasons-BUT if you are going to charge these price-well better shape up!!!

        1. Tourist trap all the way. It is incredibly overpriced, and you can get most things elsewhere.

          1. Great concept. Great looking store for browsing. Too bad I never actually buy anything there. Everything is completely overpriced and obtainable elsewhere, often for far less. I prefer Zabars during the middle of the week--much better prices, very similar, if not better product mix (in fact Zabars cookware selection is far better), much higher turnover for freshness.

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              I agree completely. Dean and DeLuca is overpriced for what they have that's good, and not so hot for a lot of their items. I prefer Zabars and/or Gourmet Garage for everything.

            2. I have never enjoyed the baked goods from D&D. They always looked amazing, the idea was greta, but everything I bought was always very dry and the best ingredients were not used. Always disappointing. I agree with everyone else on this -- fabulous to browse. Tourist trap all the way -- you can find better quality everything at better prices elsewhere. And with better help and shorter lines!