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Jul 9, 2007 02:50 PM

Where to eat in South Haven, MI

We are going to be in South Haven for 2 nights - any recommendations for family friendly restaurants? Thanks!

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  1. I would say almost everything there is family friendly, esp. in the daytime. There are a few fancier places, but we used to stay there every summer and it is generally a pretty family-oriented vacation spot. Have fun--we miss it there!

    1. Yes, Clementime's is family friendly. Can't miss the onion rings!

      1. There is coffee house/ice cream parlor/sandwich shop there that has killer-good sandwiches. We went there for lunch many times last summer during our vacation. I can't remember the name but if you ask around I bet you can locate it.

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          That coffee house /ice cream parlor sandwich shop might be the one right down from Clemintines towards the beach called { Captain Nemo's } yes they serve { Sherman's Ice cream } and killer oven Grinders but if you want the best pizza alive to be able to part of take a ride east on M-43 10 miles east of South Haven to a little town name Bangor and right on the drag see { Roma's Pizza } with little sitting but take out the Dipisa Pizza and will never be the same for it !! Bar None !! See you there