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Jul 9, 2007 02:39 PM

Best things to do with Panko?

I have some pank to use up. I have only used it to make asian pork patties (penzey's recipe). What are your favorite uses?

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  1. as a topping for casseroles, or super saucy mac and cheese

    1. any time I want a lighter breaded crust I use panko
      fish, chicken coating
      roll soft cheese in the panko with fresh herbs
      def. agree with mac n cheese, delicious!

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      1. re: HillJ

        As a matter of fact- I am eating panko encrusted tilapia with a squeeze of lemon juice right now!

        1. re: foodsnob14

          lucky you foodsnob! tilapia with panko and lemon sounds like heaven.

          1. re: HillJ

            I make this often as well. Dip in egg, flour, egg, and then panko seasoned w/some spices. I bake in the oven to keep things a little healthier. I have even cut the fish into "sticks" before breading--my boyfriend likes foods that remind him of his childhood, and I refuse to buy frozen fish sticks!

      2. I just tried this 2 weeks can make crunchy shrimp without frying with reviewer said they made this WITHOUT the corn and it worked fine...flavors are really great in this dish, Crispy Chipotle Shrimp with Corn and Scallions...

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        1. re: Val

          Same with chicken and fish fillets, no oil, bake method works out wonderfully.
          Thank you for sharing the recipe above.

          1. re: Val

            answering Val's post. Weirdly amazing! I also made this dish (chipotle shrimp) a couple of weeks ago with great success. Very easy and very good.

            I also use panko almost exclusively to coat fish or chicken fillets. I usually dip filets in an egg wash first and season the panko with garlic or grated parm. or thyme and s and p. Sometimes, I use all those ingreds. Serve fried fish with lemon quarters. My husband and I eat these at least once every 2 weeks and love them. If I'm REALLY motivated, I make a sort of mustardy, cayenny tartar sauce.

            I also LOVE panko and am sooo glad I discovered them.

          2. I absolutely love to use it to coat fish with for a fry...I also love to use it in my salmon and crab cakes...What did we do before panko? One of the best ingredients I know...

            1. Dip chicken in plain yogurt, mix panko with parm and chopped almonds. Yummy!