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Jul 9, 2007 02:02 PM

Frequently in City of Industry, So CA


My company HQ is in City of Industry and I am on the constant hunt for great, honest ethnic food. I use to love the Caspian in Irvine but they have changed their menu, eliminating all the most unique items. Please send me suggestions for great Thai, Indian of all types, Mexican de la raza, etc. restuarants. Many thanks.

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  1. While I enjoy them for hearty and tasty breakfast food and burgers, Frisco's Fifties Diner on Gale also has a whole section of Greek dishes on their menu. If you haven't you might want to check them out.

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      I second Frisco's. I have benn going there for over a year now since ChinoWayne made that rec back then. Great place for breakfast or lunch. Here are some other places nearby that are also worth a try.

      Frisco’s (Breakfast served by carhops on skates, try the pancakes, burgers are pretty good also. Skip the tuna sandwich – don’t do it)
      18065 Gale Ave.
      Industry, CA. 91748

      Boca Del Rio (Probably the best tacos in L.A.
      )1163 N Hacienda Blvd
      La Puente, CA
      (626) 917-0311

      Yanakis Burgers (Very good Char-broiled cheese burger w/ an excellent house made thousand island dressing)
      13200 Valley Blvd (Several blocks East of 605)
      La Puente, CA 91746
      (626) 968-2713

      Big D Enter-out Burgers (Best Chili dogs this side of Carney’s)
      12300 Valley Blvd (West of the 605 – Just over the riverbed on the left side going west)
      El Monte, CA
      (626) 350-4222

      Donut Hole (A Must see , must try for apple fritters, bear claws, twist, glazed, cake donuts)
      15300 Amar Rd (1 block West of Hacienda Blvd. Across from the cool old two lane In-n-Out drive thru.)
      LA Puente, CA 91744-2004
      (626) 968-2912Open 24/7.

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      1. re: JeetJet

        second Boca Del Rio.... My cousins who live nearby got me into this place... tasty crunchy goodness.

        1. re: snooze button

          they have hard shell tacos at Boca del Rio?

          1. re: Burger Boy

            I just read this so sorry for not replying sooner.. they do in fact serve hard shell tacos. But since it's been a while I'll confirm that in the next week or so. =D

        2. re: JeetJet

          There are two other places I know of that are worth mentioning. On the North/West corner of Hacienda Blvd at Valley Blvd. there is a strip mall with a strip club (Spearmint Rhino). The only place I have found at that entire intersection worth eating at (I tried them all when my brother was in a nearby hospital last December) is a tiny taco stand in the parking lot. This place is so small I do not think there is room enough for two people to stand inside and order at the same time. They have only two small tables outside (almost in a parking stall). Asada is what I think they do best. I am not saying this place is worth a drive, like Boca Del Rio is, but if you are in a hurry it will do. In that same parking lot is a See’s Candies store that is a regional distributor for the area = Beyond Fresh. I could spend some time in this place. In fact, I often do. I never tried Spearmint Rhino and don’t even know if they have food.

          1. re: JeetJet

            That tiny taco stand is called Iguanas Ranas and their jalapeno especial taco is simply fantastic.

            Corn tortilla + a grilled jalapeno pepper stuffed with carne asada and raisins + grilled cheese (literally, straight off the grill) + guacamole. All for $1.65. Pair this with their freshly-made mango-habanero salsa and you've got yourself a tasty, but incredibly spicy, treat.


            1. re: choysauce

              man i used to live over there i agree tacos del rio are good. taco nazo on valley blvd near azusa great small mexican taco place real good. theres also a location of salo salo which is a filipino restaurant on amar rd.

      2. There are endless options of authentic asian cuisine in the Rowland Heights area. You can get dim sum at New Captiol on Fullerton Rd. in the Diamond Plaza right off of the 60 freeway. In that plaza are countless restaurants you can try as well. You can also have Korean food on Colima Rd between Nogales and Fullerton. For a quick bite, you can head to Shau Mei's on Colima and Fullerton in the Hong Kong Supermarket Plaza for a combo lunch or Supreme Dragon, also in the same plaza, for some pork chop rice or beef noodles. Then there is Sinbala right across the street also has great pork chop rice and taiwanese fare. The options are endless...luck you!