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Jul 9, 2007 02:01 PM

Best Korean Pork BBQ in LA

I had a dinner at this place last week and I love this place, after you eat your meat, they make kimchi friend rice for you with the left over meat.

Pork and marinated beef are delicious! They offer unlimited pork for $16.99. Great taste and friendly staff. Open until 2am. They just opened their website.
Check out

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  1. I checked their menu. They have the combos. How does that compare to the all you can eat?

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    1. re: tissue

      apparently, you can only have Black Pork Belly and Thin Slice Pork Belly for all you can eat.

    2. I had dinner at Honey Pig on Saturday night. 8th and Kingsley. Utterly fantastic pork belly bbq.

      1. How does stone grilling compare with charcoal?

        Stone grilling reminds of a place that closed up long ago in Old Town Pasadena that had you grill meat over hot rocks. I think the restaurant was Australian or something.