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Jul 9, 2007 01:46 PM

Indian sweets?

I went to a Hindu wedding in New Jersey last weekend and received as a wedding favor a box of Indian sweets--barfi, halwah, other fudgy condensed-milk and pulverized-nut concoctions. I haven't yet finished the box but already I CRAVE MORE. Where can I buy them--in boxes for taking home, not in a restaurant--in Boston, ideally on the Red Line?

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  1. You can get some at the Shalimar grocery store (across the street from the restaurant) on Mass. Ave in Central Square.

    Not on the red line, but the Punjaj Chai cafe on Mass. Ave. in Arlington Center (again, across the street from the restaurant) has them also.

    1. Try Foodland on Mass Ave in North Cambridge. (near Davis & Porter Sqs).

      2234 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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        Thanks for the suggestions. I went to Shalimar (NB the sweets are in their food-to-go section, accessed through the Mass Ave store or directly from the back parking lot on Bishop Allen) and stocked up. I especially recommend the pista barfi. In general these sweets were creamier and sweeter than the ones I brought home from the wedding (which were from Sukhadia's of Iselin, NJ), but just as good.