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Jul 9, 2007 01:20 PM

Aroma in Great Barrington

I was in GB last weekend and tried Aroma for the first time. Located just south of the main drag on Rte. 7 (at the intersection of - I think it's - Rte. 41), this Indian restaurant had quite good food and was very reasonable for our party of four.

The veggie samosas were excellently seasoned, and I particularly liked the Barra Kabob (Lamb chops done in the Tandoori). The seasoning was good and the meat was not dry, as I sometimes think that Tandoori can be. The lamb korma was also really good.

Just wanted to post a quick note. If you like Indian food and are looking to eat in GB, I recommend Aroma.

Happy eating :-)

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  1. Thanks, DMW. I want to try this place. Friends say it is good but not on the same level as Bombay Bar and Grill in Lee, which I really liked despite a casual attitude towards service and an overactive air conditioing system.

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      I have not been to Bombay in Lee but have been to the new sister restaurant in Norwalk, CT. The food was great, but the service was incredibly slow (and very over-a/c'ed). If the food at Bombay is on par with the restaurant in Norwalk, I would say that your friends are right, and that Aroma is probably a small step down.