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Jul 9, 2007 01:17 PM

Looking for a casual sit down place to enjoy a decent Bison burger or steak

Have a friend that reall yloves Bison and I would likre to take them out

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  1. I wish I could give you some good news, but Toronto restaurants seem unable to keep bison on the menu. It's worth giving La Palette (a French bistro styled restaurant in Kensington Market) a call at 929-4900. They often have bison on the menu.
    There are some pubs who have bison burgers on the menu such as the Bow & Arrow Pub on Yonge just north of Davisville. Pub burgers are almost always frozen and imported from western Canada and are just about guaranteed to be grain finished which kind of cancels out the health and taste benefits of pastured bison. The pubs will also try to cook all the goodness and taste out of the meat in order to protect you from real or imagined bacterial contamination. On the plus side, the Bow & Arrow Pub does have a great selection of Ontario beers!
    Local, southern Ontario, pastured bison has been problematic for restaurants because of the limited and irregular supply and inconsistency of the product. There are a number of restaurants outside of Toronto, closer to the farms, that do feature local bison. Have a look at the restaurant listings page of Bison Basics ( for an up-to-date summary.

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      my husband swears the bison burger at the bow and arrow is Toronto's best burger - he fancies himself somewhat of a burger expert - gives him something to do anyway!

    2. The Rebel House at Yonge and Crescent Rd might be worth a shot. I seem to recall a buffalo burger there, and the dinner specials might include game occasionally.

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        As I recall the Burger at the Rebel House is only partially (maybe 1/2) Buff. I think the idea is that by adding some beef you can keep it juicy as Buff tends to be very lean

        It is delicious by the way

      2. You can try The Yellow Griffin in the Bloor West Village (Bloor east of Runnymede)

        1. Utopia cafe on College has a bison burger. I've never had it, but have heard good things.

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