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Jul 9, 2007 12:56 PM

Any new places to eat in Portland, Maine??


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  1. Tons of new restaurants are popping up in Portland this summer. A few to check out: Crab Louies for fish fry (Commercial Street), Miyake for sushi (Spring Street), North Star Cafe for sandwiches/soup (Congress Street), and Andy's Pub for, of course, pub food (Commercial Street). Bonobo, a brick oven pizzia place, is scheduled to open next week in the West End. If you're in town, pick up a copy of Switch Magazine as they always seem to have profiles of new places to eat.

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      We have reservations at Brescas on Middle St which is new and is getting lots of favorable buzz. For sushi we love Yosakus on Danforth St, it has lovely outside patio if weather is good, and sushi is consistently excellent. Yosakus isn't new, but if you haven't tried it I'd highly recommend! Also read elsewhere on this board about new Greek restaurant opening in Portland.

    2. I am also looking for someplace to eat in Portland. I am visiting next week with family (staying on Frye Island), but coming to Portland at least once to go to the movies, shop, etc. Any decent places for a family to eat (not too pricey or intimate, but not just a pizza place) around the movie theater (wherever that is)?! Thank you in advance for your help...and if you are ever in RI, I'll help you! :)

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        I'll assume you're talking about the Nick and not the movies on Exchange or you possibly could be talking about the mall area, and for that you have all the chains in the world to choose from. Boru's, Rivalries and Federal Spice are ok choices for that area and for a family to eat.

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          newenglander, As a youngster I grew up on Sebago Lake and used to picnic off from Frye's Island. My dad had a boat that would sleep 4 so we spent much time on the lake. Can you tell me a bit about the island, has it been developed etc. I assume that Frye's Leap is still there with the Indian art work. Ahmie

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            Hi Ahmie, we've only been going up for a few years, but I have noticed a lot of new houses. Still lovely beaches and very peaceful. The Frye's Leap is still there! But I do like to go off island (especially on a rainy day), and promised my girls I would take them to see "Hairspray" while up there. I don't even know where the movie theater is! Ever come down to RI?

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              newenglander......Have not been there for years and rather sorry to hear that it has been developed. Surprised that the state of ME didn't make it into a state was such a pristine area. I now live in western NC in the mountains, we had our visit to ME earlier but no time to go to the lake. We had great food in Portland, Yarmouth and Freeport! Don't miss a day in Freeport not only to visit L.L. but the food is very good...go to So. Freeport to the dock for a lobster. Ahmie