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Jul 9, 2007 12:56 PM

Roadtrip for major foodies

Ok so the Aunt and I are major foodies and are driving from MD to Yellowstone starting July 25. We are stopping tenatively at:

Columbus, Indiana (posted in Midwest)
Galena, Illinois (Posted in Midwest)
Mitchell, South Dakota (Need to post I guess here or Midwest although not really midwest?)
Rapid City, South Dakota Area - for Badlands and Blackhills) (Need to post I guess here or Midwest although not really midwest?)
Go South into Nebraska near Alliance for Carhenge
North into Wyoming to Devil's Tower
Then West to Cody Wyoming and maybe a Rodeo
Then into Yellowstone

Then I am flying home from Bozeman to DC she is staying out for a while to work in Yellowstone.

Anyone have any suggestions? We will drive out of our way (slightly) for good food spots and eclectic experiences/places. We like any type of food except Chinese, and will eat pretty much anything that is good. Please hounds I need your help!

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  1. South Dakota is indeed covered on the Midwest board. Sounds like a fun trip. Have fun! Report back!


    1. You MUST try the Corn Exchange in Rapid City. Superb food and service - beyond expectations. Location also great.

      1. Obviously your trip is long past, since this topic is three years old. But since it's been bumped, in case anyone else is looking at this, the structure of the Chowhound boards covering your route has changed since then, and is now as follows:

        Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota - Great Lakes forum
        South Dakota, Nebraska - Great Plains forum
        Wyoming - Mountain States forum