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Jul 9, 2007 12:52 PM

From Miami:Hampton Beach, NH

Hello all! I live in Miami and will be visiting Hampton Beach, NH this summer for the 1st time. I love visiting the "best local restaurants", have any recommendations? I like non touristy places, good food, no price limits. I can't wait!!! I would love to go to places for any time of the day, love all types of food too!

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  1. Hampton is pretty much a dive. It's where all the middle/high school kids hang out for the summer.

    Some places to try: Blinks Fry Dough...yummy.

    Ceal's Clam Shack in Seabrook Beach...great clam rolls, fries, and lobster rolls.

    Markeys in Seabrook Beach...casual place for lobster or fried seafood.

    Those are all casual places...I don't usually go out for fine dining in the area so hopefully someone else can help you with that.

    As far as beaches go, I like Seabrook or North Hampton better than Hampton itself.

    They have fireworks on Wednesday nights.

    Do a google search for the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. They sometimes get some pretty good acts.

    1. Hello SarahOM,
      Ron's Landing on Hampton Beach is anything but a dive. It's as good as anything you'll find on New Hampshire's abbreviated coast., IMO. I've never had a less than great meal here.

      Btw, I see by your profile you're on the Florida board. One of Ron's specialties desserts is Key Lime pie. It's made in house daily the correct way with a graham cracker crust and is properly tart, If you're a fan, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's as good as Two Georges in Boynton Beach.

      Ron's Landing
      379 Ocean Blvd, Hampton, NH 03842

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        Another place that might be good is the Ashworth. I haven't been in years but it may be worth a try.

        If you like gardens, you can go to Fuller Gardens...I think it's in Rye.

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          Went to Ashworth a few weeks ago, I thought it was awful. Anyone try 931 Ocean?

      2. Saunders is a great restaurant that's just north of Hampton in Rye Harbor, NH (just follow 1A north a bit). My wife and I love the atmosphere there, and the food has always been good for us. They have a piano player on Friday and Saturday nights and on Sunday afternoons.

        A lot of the food places at Hampton Beach proper are oriented to the beach business. They are seasonal for the most part, and you are more likely to find a quick meal than a gourmet experience. That being said, there are a few sit down restaurants that are a cut above the fast food, including the Ashworth and Ron's Landing (noted by others).

        Le Bec Rouge is another place where you can get a quick meal in the main dining room or a few drinks in the underground lounge (it becomes over 21 after 8pm). They also have an upper-deck area, but I must admit that I've never tried that. Food quality isn't particularly great, but it's a bit better than the other places.

        Other places that come to mind are the Purple Urchin next to the Casino Nightclub (mostly good for drinks) and a Mexican restaurant (La Chiquita) closer to the Ashworth (food isn't particularly great, great margaritas, the place has a nice view of the beach).

        Saunders at Rye Harbor
        175 Harbor Rd, Rye, NH 03870

        Le Bec Rouge
        73 Ocean Blvd, Hampton, NH 03842

        1. Take the short beautiful drive up the coast to Portsmouth NH. Check out the boards for the recommendations and reviews of all the wonderful places. Some of my favorites are:
          Jumpin Jays- fresh fish, oysters
          Victory- Hi end haute cuisine, New American with some French
          Black Trumpet- fantastic wine and food in an awesome setting, old building, french/north african bistro
          Pocos, Old Ferry Landing, StockPot for drinks on the decks..
          Anneke Jans- in Kittery, locals place with great french-ish bistro type cooking, of coure with fresh New England twist
          Pesce Blue- small plates, good drinks, hip setting, Italian fish preparations, outdoor seating