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Jul 9, 2007 12:51 PM

Jerk Seasoning?

Hey now -

Just got a bad-ass new cookbook with recipes from the Caribbean...

Short of taking the time to try and concoct my own, I'm wondering if anyone has come across a good, pre-made dry-rub version of jerk seasoning that I can use for some of the recipes.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have for where I can get some on the west side.

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  1. Haven't tried it, but I think Penzey's ( ) carries jerk seasoning, and they have a store in Torrance. Overall, I've found Penzey's spices to be very good quality. (The Vietnamese cinnamon is wonderful, btw.)

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    1. re: David Kahn

      Cool! Thanks, David. I didn't even know this place existed.

    2. Good luck with the penzeys seasoning. I have tried many jerk marinades and dry rubs but nothing tastes like the jerk chicken that you get in Jamaica or a Jamaican restaurant.

      1. I use a dry rub/jerk seasoning batch #114, Pain is good, by Original Juan Specialty foods. I have even found it in the supermarkets when I lived up in NY. Another one I use often is Busha Browne's authentic jerk seasoning. Its sort of like a seasoning paste and you add olive or any type of oil to it, you can also add soy sauce or even cider vinegar, experiment to see what you like best. Busha Browne's also makes a jerk sauce although I have not yet tried this. I have recently located to the Florida area and wonder where I will find more when my supply runs out! Although I am sure that since I am in closer proximity to Jamaica there should be a market nearby that carries the islands spices & rubs. Good luck!

        1. Eaton's is the best of the premades and most authentic but can be hard to find.
          You can order it online though.