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Jul 9, 2007 12:30 PM

Cheap Oysters/Happy Hour - Park Slope area

Got a craving for oysters and cheap drinks in or around Park Slope. I would usually go to Fish on Bleeker for 1.50 Pabsts and cheap half shells but I dont feel like headin into Manhattan. I usually wind up spending way too much money at Blue Ribbon so Im looking for an alternative. Any advice?


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  1. Not in the Slope, but Jolie on Atlantic near Smith has a discount oyster night. It's either Monday or Tuesday. I doubt they'll have PBR but they have a good wine selection and a few decent Belgian brews.

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    1. re: Ralphus

      Jolie has $1 Oyster night on Wednesday (says website) -- and also, 2-for-1 drinks for the ladies 'til 9 P.M. on Wednesdays, too! With all that booze and all those oysters, I'd say Wednesday night is the night for love on Atlantic Avenue.

      1. re: Puppimus

        Pupp can you link to their website? I live a few blocks away, Wednesday sounds like a good deal to check out.

        1. re: fishermb

          Sure, fisher:

          Click on "Let's go to jolie" to see their weekly promotion stuff.

          1. re: Puppimus

            Thanks pupp, looks like a place to definitely check out. Can anyone comment on the 4 course tasting menu on Monday nights (sorry to go slightly OT)?

            1. re: fishermb

              I'd had brunch at Jolie and not been bowled over (I'll stick to Patois for the all-you-can-drink champagne brunch!) but I tried the tasting menu last night and was impressed.

              There were two of us and two choices for each course, so we got one of everything.

              1st course:
              Zucchini veloute: best zucchini soup I've ever had!
              Pate: not as smooth and creamy as I like but fine - meaty, peppery

              2nd course:
              Crab salad - delightful; seemed like good crab
              Asparagus salad - nice, crisp, with a minty(?/maybe) pesto thing going on

              Tuna steak - good, but too much cilantro for me (I think cilantro's one of those ingredients that should be listed in the description of a dish on the menu, since so many people dislike it.)

              Hangar steak with sauteed shallots and potato - delish!

              The meats were both perfectly medium-rare, as requested.

              Chocolate banana pie with raspberry sauce - heavenly
              Creme caramel - nice, good consistency, not too wet or overcold (as at Quercy)

              The presentation of each of the dishes was impeccable. And they have a great, not overly expensive wine list. The $36 Cotes du Rhone we chose was delicious.

              Good job, Jolie! I'll be back...

              1. re: missives

                Thanks for the report, missives!
                So, has anyone been there for oyster night yet? Or anywhere else, for that matter?