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Jul 9, 2007 11:50 AM

Looking for a date place (food & bar) on eastside

I'm trying to find a nice but not obvious date place, you know too fancy or pretentious, somewhere on the eastside (echopark/silverlake etc). Ideally it would be a cool more neighborhood type of establishment. As far as budget it's a bit open but for that one special girl I have my eye on I'd be willing to go up to 150 sans drinks, yikes that's a lot of money but ideally it would be a lot cheaper so less pressure/attitude. Asian Fusion or Italian would be great but whatever it is I want something, tasty, unique and different. As far as Italian I like La Bucca (spelling?) by Paramount Studios but want something a bit more fun. Also a cool low-key place to have drinks in that part of town is something I need to find. Nothing too hipster please. Just getting back into the dating game and know nothing about that side of town so any advice on spots would be helpful.

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  1. On the more expensive side, there's Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake. Nothing cutting edge in terms of food, but they have a really pretty patio that could be great for a date. Dusty's is also nearby and could be an option. Maybe more romantic that you're looking for if this is a first date, though. I would probably take her to Malo which is always fun. It has detractors on the board, but I like it if you order correctly (margaritas, chips with salsa flight, shrimp diablo). After, you could walk down to the 4100 for more drinks at the bar. None of these places are Asian fusion or Italian, though...

    1. Ca Dario in North Hollywood is a bit away from the area, but nice.

      What about Cliffside, or whatever?


      Could you go to pasadena and maison akira?

      1. How about Canelé in Atwater Village?

        One drawback is they do not take reservations.

        3219 Glendale Blvd.
        Atwater Village
        (323) 666-7133.

        1. The Edendale Grill in Silverlake might work. It's got an outdoor patio that's really pretty at night, and there's a bar connected to the restaurant that is really nice. The food has been bad in the past, but was much improved the last time I went (a couple of months ago).

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            Oh, and if you are willing to go to Eagle Rock, there's wine tasting at the Colorado Wine Shop on Friday nights that is pretty fun, and then you could go down the street for dinner at Cafe Beaujolais (great French food, no attitude at all, very nice staff).

          2. For Italian, how about Farfalla Trattoria in Los Feliz for dinner and then right next door there is a wine bar just next door by the same owners called Vinoteca Farfalla.

            Otherwise, I second the rec for Malo/4100. I've done the combo before and it's a fun night.

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              I absolutely agree with the above. And don;t forget the Brazilian place next door owned by the same folks: