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Jul 9, 2007 11:50 AM

Gourmet Shop, Oyster Bars, Wine Bars in San Diego?

My husband and I are visiting from NYC and seeking a great gourmet shop in La Jolla area with prepared foods, imported prosciutto, cut-to-order cheeses, and the like. For those familiar with the Oakville Grocery in N. California, this is the type of place we are looking for. Also, we're looking for Oyster Bars (Swann Oyster Depot-esque), and Wine Bars with good food anywhere in San Diego area. Thanks for your ideas.

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  1. Jonathan's Market in the village of La Jolla has gourmet foods..
    Georges at the Cove is one of the best restaurants in town..
    Marine Room, Tapenade and Nine-Ten are wonderful restaurants as well in LJ..
    I wish we had more oyster bars but I do enjoy eating at the Oyster bar of the Fish Market in Del Mar or Downtown SD..

    1. In LJ for markets I would suggest Whole Foods & Bristol Farms. They are not located in the village part of La Jolla but are still close. Jonathan's is also great and they are in the village.

      As far as Oyster Bars I think the best one is at Oceanaire downtown. They are very knowledgeable about the Oysters and generally have 10-20 varieties. Also, they do a $1 oyster happy hour from 5:00-6:30 which is fantastic.

      There are quite a few wine bars in San Diego. A few that come to mind:
      Wine Lover
      The Grape downtown (if it is still around, it was San Diego's first)
      Bite (not a wine bar per se but great prices on wine, they have a champagne happy hour and a very wine friendly menu)
      3rd Corner
      The Vine
      Have fun while you are in town!

      1. Sounds like the Cheese Shop in La Jolla fits your bill... It's not at all the caliber of place you'd find in NYC (or Montreal - where I'm from originally), but they have a daily selection of sandwiches, a small deli counter of cheeses and meats, beverages and some incredibly overpriced wines. A Google search will give you the right address, but the website points to the Cheese Shop that's downtown - a totally different beast.
        There's also what looks like an Italian deli right across from La Jolla Elementary School, but I always forget about it until I'm leaving the market on Sundays when they're closed.
        Anyone else been to that place?

        1. A short distance North of La Jolla is Del Mar. In Del Mar you *will* find an exceptionally good cheese shop call Aniata Cheese Co. - - it is well worth seeking out. Knowledgeable owner, knowledgeable staff, well crafted and well cared for cheese.

          Aniata is located in the Flower Hill Mall, which is just off the I-5 at the Via de la Valle exit. Turn right and go to the first stoplight. Turn left into the parking lot and look for Tony Roma's. The cheese shop is right next door.

          1. best oyster bar that we've found in SD is Oceanaire in downtown. They have a large selection, all very fresh and tasty. The waitstaff is pretty knowledgeable about the oysters too.

            Whole Foods and Bristol Farms in UTC/La Jolla are your best bets for cheeses and prepared foods. Between the two, I think Whole Foods has better selection and quality for the prepared foods. Bristol Farms has a good cheese selection but their prepared foods/hot deli area food is really lacking that extra something that you'd expect in a higher-end grocery store. Whole Foods also has a great feta cheese, olive and tapenade bar. They have roughly 4-6 different kinds of fresh feta, sold by the pound.

            If you really want to go higher-end, go north to Aniata Cheese Company in Del Mar, on Via de la Valle. They have an excellent assortment of cheeses and accompaniments. Unlimited sampling.