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Jul 9, 2007 11:50 AM


Seeing a movie at the Angelika tonight, and wanted to grab a nice salad or other light fare (inexpensive to moderate) before the show. Was thinking along the lines of Cafe' Colonial. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Le Gamin on Houston - good salads and crepes.

    1. Caffe Falai is a great option. SoHo Park has good fries and decent burgers and some salad options.

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        1. The Israeli chain Aroma has a branch just down the street on Houston and Greene. Pretty good stuff, though not very high brow.
          NohoStar is always a good standby, imfho.
          If it's early enough, Hampton Chutney makes those sloppy to eat, but very delicious dosas.
          Spring St. Natural on the corner of Lafayette has good clean food.
          I've only eaten baked goods at Fallai, but those were great. Comprable to Ceci Cela around the corner with their cheap and easy brie sandwichs?
          Aroma is probably the best bet, though for it's closeness and easy menu.

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          1. re: DaveA

            Aroma, that place is awful. Yea, I know you've heard it all before, SoHo going down, bla, bla, but I'll say it again - it's generic, characterless, mediocre, overpriced places like these, situated in ghastly buildings like that one that have made SoHo into an overpriced mall.

            1. re: nokitsch

              guess it's also relative to your taste and desires, I was thinking mostly about the posters request for easy pre-movie nosh. I dislike the Aroma breads, but their salads are fresh. Their coffee is good.
              Soho going down? I think you could say that about any neighborhood in Manhattan if you're going to think like that. But There are still, as you seem to agree below, plenty of Excellent places to eat in the SohoMall.

          2. pepe rosso on sullivan/houston. cubana cafe on thompson prince/spring. snack on thompson prince/spring. arturos on thompson/houston. hummus place on macdougal. silver spurs on wbway/houston.

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            1. re: POTsticker

              /\ excellent choices. I still haven't tried pepe rosso, I know that's a crime.

              1. re: nokitsch

                It's hardly a crime. Some of the thinggs they serve are pretty decent, nothing is very good.

                POTsticker, you really endorse Silver Spurs? I think it is one of the worst restaurants in the city.

                1. re: zEli173

                  goblin market
                  mercer kitchen

                  any of these

                  1. re: zEli173

                    AT least Silver Spurs is clean.