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Jul 9, 2007 11:40 AM

restuarant in the 50s west side? and a friend have a meeting at 55th street on the westside tonight. We would like to invite the speaker out after for dinner. She doesn't like sushi but otherwise is open. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I love good food and with this heat would love some seafood...but really anything amazing would do.


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  1. You could check out Blue Point...I have not been there yet but have heard good things. It is @ 46th and 9th. Another really good place for fresh seafood is Uncle Nicks Greek at 9th and 50th. Very, very good grilled frsh fish as well as good shrimp, octupus, etc. Lots of meat and vegetarian options as well. Flaming cheese is impressive but a little bland, the village salad is always fresh and ripe. The warm feta and tomato salad is really, really good. Highly recommended. Limited outdoor seating as well.

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      thank you...we ended up at a korean place where we grilled our own stuff on the table. it was perfect. i know i will be up there again soon and will try out some of your recs! again, thanks,