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Solo lunch in Las Vegas

I will be going to Las Vegas later this week with someone who will be busy in meetings during the day. Will be staying at Harrah's. What would you recommend for a single woman for lunch dining options? Thanks hounders.

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  1. You have a lot of options next door at the Venetian. Try the Canyon Ranch Spa Cafe for healthier fare.


    1. will you have a car? I'm guessing it's a good 116 degrees down there these days so without a car I can guess you do not want to go to far.
      are you looking for something casual or more formal?

      1. Olives @ Bellagio...sit @ the Bar!
        Wonderful Bread basket, great pastas and salads....make for a nice lunch solo....
        or Caesar's Palace...grab a salad anywhere in the Forum Shops...the Palm, Spago, Joe's Stone Crab.....
        I dine solo most of the time in Vegas and I enjoy the atmosphere in the Bar.....

        1. go to postrio at the venetian and order the lobster club. best sandwich in the world.

          1. sushi roku at Caesars in the Forum shops: good sushi and you can eat at the sushi bar
            Sensi at the Bellagio: diverse menu and you can eat at the bar
            the taqueria at the Border Grill at the Mandalay Bay: get the tacos and a shaken margarita
            Burger Bar at the Mandalay Bay: great burgers at the bar with an excellent beer selection

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              does that little train go from Harrah's to the Mandalay? if so, I second Border Grill or Burger Bar.

            2. No I will not have a car and since I am dining solo, I figured it would end up being more casual. Also, since it is so hot, I was thinking I would probably not venture far from Harrah's (Cesears, Venetian, Wynn).
              Raider- I have seen you post in the past about this lobster roll. I have had them in the past and thought meh. What makes the one at Postrio so special for you? Is this actually in Postrio or an outsdide cafe?

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                I ate lunch twice by myself at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. I had the steak sandwich w/frites and went back again and had the spinach & brie crepe. It was casual and not too expensive. Cute patio good for people watching or you can sit in the A/C inside. http://www.monamigabi.com/. I also dined alone at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in Cesar's and sat at the bar. They have affordable lunch or as I did you could have an appetizer for dessert.

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                  I second kctraci's rec for Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill in Caesar's. The food is terrific and the bar is nice. The "main" restaurant at Wynn has a nice outside patio (it has misters so the heat is bearable) that overlooks the pool and they have terrific salads and sandwiches. Also had lunch at Bartolotta at Wynn and it was a great meal in a beautiful atmosphere. Enjoy!

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                    they serve lunch at bartolotta?

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                      yes....we had lunch there and it was even at an "off" time around 2pm...wonderful ravioli and shared a pizza but they also do the whole fish at lunch as well with tableside preparation. being there at an odd hour was great...there were just a few other tables there so we had our own server!

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                        Bartolotta stopped serving lunch several months ago. The web site even changed to reflect that fact. Have they resumed lunches in the last few weeks?

                        1. re: Larry

                          Bartolotta does NOT serve lunch.

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                  i've always had it outside. and its not a lobster roll in any traditional new england sense. its a club sandwich: lobster, instead of chicken or turkey, plus great bacon and dressing. if you don't love it, i'll give you your money back.

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                    Thanks for all your recs hounders. It seems the best laid plans & hopes were for naught. I got dragged to dreadful restaurants (Margaritaville) and didn't get to visit any of the places I had hoped. Yes, Bartolla is only open for dinner. Originally, I was looking for foodie activities as well as cuisine. Wouldn't you know....I found a listing for the Bellagio for Tuscan cooking & to eat what you made. I didn't find out about this until it was too late. Next Time!