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Jul 9, 2007 11:21 AM

Time for a Root Canal- Suggestions (what to eat, not a dentist!)

My awesome wife is in the dentist's chair as we speak, having a root canal. Wondering if any of you have had or taken care of someone who had a root canal, and if any particular foods- soft and tasty- alleviated yours or their suffering in any way.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. My husband had one, he realley liked when I made:

    mashed potatoes (mashed sweet potatoes!)

    Soups-a good time for cold soups.

    ICe cream or soft serve frozen yogurt

    Hommus off a spoon.

    thickened yogurt with honey.

    Mashed parsnip and cheese

    Mac n cheese.

    Fruit smoothies went over in a big way. I was making a smoothie a day.

    1. It's summer, so how about a nice gazpacho?

      1. Anything soft she can eat with minimal chewing or sucking. NO STRAWS as it will dislodge the clot that forms to stop bleeding from the surgery.

        -KFC mashed potatoes and gravy
        -Softened ice cream

        She will only need this for the day of surgery and MAYBE the following half day!

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        1. re: ktcolt

          In my all too extensive experience, you can suck through straws all you want after a root canal procedure, it's extractions (including wisdom teeth) and "surgery" that are a problem. With a root canal, they're not doing anything to your gums, it's all down inside the tooth itself...

          If she's anything like me, the OPs wife isn't going to want to eat anything for a while anyway - the procedure itself is way less painful than the trouble leading up to it, but you lie there with your mouth wide open for way too long and it does get sore from the all the poking and reaming...

          Maybe a nice milkshake? Nice on a hot day anyway and plenty of calories.

          1. re: MikeG

            I agree. I have had about 8-10 because I am an abruxor. There is no real problem. The dentist will put a temporary filling prior to the crown - if you are having a crown. There is no scab to fall off unless it involves peri-something-or-other surgery to drill bone out at the side. If the there is an abscess then the dentist will probably not fit the post, but need to let the abscess drain and give her antibiotics. In this case you might consider investing in water-pik and use it on a very low setting.

            If she has a temporary then avoid anything that sticks such as toffee which can displace the it. Sometimes there can be initial discomfort under pressure (ie biting) but this will go down with time.

            Sheer discomfort / pain thresholds will dictate what your wife wants to eat. For me, it would be softer foods later on that day and the following just about anything. I would also avoid very hot food (tea / coffee / hot soup) during your first day. There may also be 'cold shocks', so ice-cream etc may not necessarily be recommended.

        2. Whatever you do do not eat the dentist. The results, though not potentially as dangerous as indulging in fugu, are generally known to be anaesthetic.

          Soft foods, as indicated above, are the obvious choice. The main concern is to provide yourself with the proper degree of nutrition.

          1. Don't laugh - Ramein noodles, PB&J (easy on the peanut butter-smooth style, of course), bananas, grilled cheese, tuna salad...soups and mashed potatoes (as mentioned) are a definate. Scrambled eggs, pancakes. Believe it or not, Ritz crakers crumble up without much chewing. Spaghetti or other pastas (go thin), applesauce(homemade of course)...she'll be better by the time she eats all this stuff!

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              1. re: BigSteve

                ...a sip of brandy wouldn't hurt !