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Jul 9, 2007 10:52 AM

Israel Food tour

In case anyone is still looking, here is a fabulous culinary tour of Israel. This will be the third one I've led. Educational, fun and delicious! Its not till February 2008 but worth waiting for.

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  1. can you (or anyone) tell me about food/eating in Eilat? thanks

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    1. re: sarapeater

      Eilat is a culinary wasteland. Your best bet are local branches of Tel Aviv chains, like Agadir and Giraffe Noodle Bar. Do not expect to have any memorable meals in Eilat.

      1. re: MarkC

        thanks. from what I've seen and read (online and in books), I had a feeling it wasn't great.

        anyone know anything about the Naot Farm in the Negev desert?