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Jul 9, 2007 10:29 AM

Moving with food?

My husband and I are moving from Chicago to Tucson at the end of the month, and I'm curious to know--what do you all do with your food after you move? On one hand, packing half-used balsamic vinegar seems tedious and potentially messy; on the other hand, many foods will keep in a truck for a week... Do you pack your cupboards, or toss everything and start again? And if you have moved with the contents of your cupboard: how did your foodstuffs hold up?


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  1. Have a safe trip!

    In the past when I have had to move, I have packed-up all the non-perishables (and the zillions of cleaning products under the sink) and taken them with me. Because, as tedious and annoying as it is to pack-up all that stuff, when you get to a new place it is expensive and time consuming to replace it (and you never know at what point you are going to want that margarita salt you were tempted to toss in the Chicago garbage)

    1. I have moved with food before...particularly when I wasn't very well off financially and didn't want to throw it all out to start over again. It was a little messy in regards to some dry goods and pancake syrup.

      My opinion is that you are better off throwing out all the things that are easy to re-stock: mustard, ketchup, cans of veggies. Keep the balsamic vinegar and the few other things that you really want or are worried that you might have more of a difficulty finding in your new town. Also keep in mind that you will most likely be amazed at how much you have in your pantry....and hauling boxes of heavy food around isn't all that fun.

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        If it is unopened packages and you don't want to haul it take it to a local food bank or shelter, don't just pitch it. Someone hungry can use it. Most moving companies willl not take your cleaning supplies, those will have to go with you

      2. When a friend of mine recently moved, she gave all her friends, including me, a box load of stuff to choose from. Most of it was condiments and such....stuff that they had just opened and used, but felt bad about throwing away. Overall, I took the ketchup, mustard, a bottle of red wine vinegar and a container of Bosco chocolate syrup (something I usually don't purchase myself, but rekindled some fond memories of childhood).

        1. This is the best time to weed out those items that are "almost used up" to help start with a less cluttered pantry.

          Agree with nieves - give away/throw away perishables; keep the things like vinegar, spices, etc. You can ensure caps are tightly screwed on, and then zip them up in ziplock baggies to ensure no spills before packing them up in their respective boxes. It's nice to have those items available for your first homemade meal in the new space vs. having to remember to buy them when you get there. The cost to replace all of my herbs and spices alone would put me in hock. :-)

          1. As Lindawhit noted, I use moving as an occasion to get rid of most everything and start over. If the balsamic is an aged balsamic or something like that, I'd hang onto it. Ditto with expensive spices or real specialty items that can't be replaced easily.

            Everything in the fridge would go away, anything open in the pantry (grains, etc) would go away. Non-perishables that don't fall into the first paragraph items, I'd give to a local food bank or shelter.