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Hamptons for the foodie?

Ok, so I need some advice on where to eat in the Hamptons...I'll be staying in East ...I'm young but not really into the scene...just want the scoop on what is classic and sure to please?


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  1. If you are from NYC (or other decent food area) you will be sorely disapointed if you are looking for a "foodie" experience (how I hate that word). Nothing is stellar, just shades of overpriced mediocrity. I've lived out there on and off for more than a decade. Sure, there are decent meals to be had, but certainly nothing even close to a run of the mill neighborhood restaurant in Manhattan.

    Best Bet - fire up the grill and take advantage of the superb local food available - striped bass is in season, corn, cherry tomatoes and peaches are just starting. Go to the farmers market on Sat. AM in Sag Harbor and stock up.

    For a great lunch sandwich get take out from Breadzilla in Wainscott (Located behind the Seafood shop/Twice upon a bagel).

    I do happen to frequent the Palm for dinner- the food is the same as all other Palms - reliable, but not stellar steak. Like the place though, but too crazy on Sat. nights.

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      I'm not into the scene either, but end up out in the Hamptons a few times a year. I'm generally a big fan of Estia's Cantina, in Amagansett. It's a nice non-scene sort of place with interesting food that's not too expensive either. It's not authentic Mexican by any means, but it's interesting and good. Excellent jazz as well in the connected bar.

      Stay away from the newer Estia's in Sag Harbor, though, which is quite a scene. It was almost like a Hamptons parody when we were there last summer.

    2. I agree on eating in if it's an option. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of The Laundry - something for everyone on the menu, not a scene, always solid.

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        The old Laundry is now called The Lodge. Not sure if The Laundry opened in another location this year.

        As BKAL says - Breadzill is great. You can view the daily menu at breadzilla.com after 11:30.

        Bostwicks is in East Hampton and a local fav.

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          The old Laundry spot is indeed the "Lodge" a quasi steak house which I hear is none too good. The Laundry did reopen in the space that was formerly the Farmhouse in between EH and Amagan. Heard mixed things - again mediocre and expnsive at best.

          I forgot, La Fondita in Amagan. serves great, authentic tacos - I'm fond of the fish tacos - get an order and eat out back by the pond. Great spot to go between sets at the Talkhouse.
          Hampton Chutney is also good for lunch (in Amagan.).
          I also like Almondito for dinner - between Wainscott and EH - good scene, good fish tacos too - like their jalapeno marg's.

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            We ate at Almondito once and were so disappointed we never went back, the food was very plain for a "Mexican" place, and VERY much a scene.
            Nearby is Saracen, a very old fashioned, classy Italian restaurant, they treat you like family which is unusual in that area.

      2. I offer one big thumbs up for Breadzilla - I love their baked goods, my dog loves their biscuits, and my 95 year old relative calls their lunches 'luscious' (the highest praise). (and, off topic, the best place to buy used books is behind the Meeting House in Bridgehampton. Great condition, can't beat the price)

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          I was just in East Hampton for the first time and we ate at a place called "The Meeting House" It was very very good. I had seared scallops over fresh corn relish. They seved hummus with pita instead of bread. My friend had mac and cheese and declared it wonderful. I am not sure exactly which town it is in, if not East Hampton....Does it ring a bell with anyone?

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            It's in Amagansett Village, in the Square (on Main Street but south into a big parking lot). Glad to hear it's so good!

        2. Although it is not cheap and the portions are not huge, I think that the 1770 House has the best food in Eas Hampton. In Southampton, I really like the Plaza Cafe. Neither restaurant is considered casual or inexpensive.

          1. do yourself a favor and drive a little to montauk and go to duryea's. classic and delicious seafood. get the lobster roll, the steamers and the little necks. best on the island by far (kills lunch's). bring a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. there is also a great mexican place in back of one of the marinas.

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              Or the Clam and Chowder house in Montauk. They have surprisingly good sushi.

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                Last I heard, the Inlet on the other side of town stole their sushi chefs.....sure tastes like it.

              1. Hi there,

                I just came back from Montauk (I know it's a little far for you, but this is worth it!) and we went to a new restaurant called Backyard. It's inside the (new?) very modern hotel called Sole East. The restaurant is very hard to find, just go in through the hotel and keep going back (into the backyard!). The food was excellent!!! I think it might become a scene sort of place, but it was pretty quiet when we were there about a week ago.

                The food is eclectic, and is the type of food you might find in the city (or in CA for that matter). I had an excellent micro greens salad with a goat cheese crostini. The dressing was superb, and the waiter told me the herbs for the dressing came from the garden on site. Then I had a wonderful noodle dish with artichokes and mushrooms, The sauce was miso-based, and delicious. My less adventurous husband had a burger, which he said was really good. He had an appetizer that I coveted! Once I tasted it, I wished I had ordered it myself. It was shrimp, and I believe it had curry, but the taste was very layered and scrumptious. We were too full for desserts, but they sounded good, too. The service was very friendly and attentive (but not overly so). It was excellent, go, go, go!!!

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                  This is next on my list to try. Sole East is the new name of Shepherds Neck Inn on Second House Road: you're right that it looks new, but it's actually one of the oldest buildings in town. They did some job fixing the place up, a nice addition to the town.
                  The chef is based in the city, but I hear that he also worked at a very famous restaurant in Old San Juan and really knows his stuff. You made the dishes sound so good that it will be the next place I try! Thanks for the info.

                2. Like BKAL advised...I hooked up the grill...made fancy sliders....they came out awesome...with creamy gorgonzola, fresh corn, heirlooms from the market.

                  The place where we stayed was right passed east hampton...the first light in Amagansett, there was this fish taco spot that was amazing!!!

                  Had Blast though...wish I could make it out there more often!
                  Thanks for everyones advice.

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                    Do you recall the name of the spot you had the fish taco's?