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I See That Subway Has A Lobster Sub Now

So I decided to grab a sub at lunch today because the hot lunch I brought just wasn't gonna cut it in this mid 90's heat.

So into Subway I go for a tuna sub. I'd seen the adds for the lobster sub and had wondered how they could advertize REAL lobster and still sell it at sub shop prices.

First of all, they're not selling it at sub shop prices. $15.50 for a foot longs.

Secondly, has anyone leaned into the strike zone and taken one for the team yet??


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  1. Lobster at Subway is wrong on so many levels that I don't even know where to start!

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      I still can't believe it. At $15.50 I can't imagine their moving a lot of product.
      The girl who owns the one that I went to said its "Okay. Good to try once but that's about it."


      1. re: Davwud

        $15.50 for a sandwich? At Subway? With Lobster?

        No way...

        After reading your post, I got up from my computer and walked down the street to Subway.

        No mention of lobster on their menu boards.

        They were busy, but I was able to ask a server about the possibility of having myself a lobster sandwich.

        She told me they did not offer it there but some stores did have it. She gave me the name of the nearest location that had it, and added..... "except they don't have it right now because their sewer is backed up."


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            no mention of lobster at www.subway.com that I can see.....

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        Since McDonald's has had the unmitigated gall to offer a lobster roll -- in Maine! -- I can't say I'm too outraged by this. But for that price who would buy one?

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          Had a four inch one the other day - cost about $5.00. It is real lobster in a butter (fake butter?) sauce.

          I would say the quality is similar to canned frozen lobster - mine had some decent claw pieces - that is unfortunately made a little dry since they microwave it for a bit too long. To be honest, it was much better than what I was expecting - i.e. I thought it would be indeciperable lobster meat - since it contained some decent lobster flavour and was clearly lobster meat. Too bad the bread is so horrible - the strong yeast flavour of Subway's bread was a little overpowering.

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            I guess it depends on what market you're in. I would also suspect that it is immitation crab.


      3. That 'foot-long' is probably all of nine-and-three-quarter inches, too!

        1. I just picked up a "lobster" sub at Subway on Kingston Rd Scarborough and man, I feel like I've just been mugged!!! Unlike Dclee, my sub was lightely spread with what at best could be called "lobster salad", no lobster chunks here at all. And at $8.49, just rediculous. I've called headoffice to complain that this so called lobster sub is no where near what they're showing in their ads - so far from it that I'm appalled! I don't expect it to look just like the ads but to see chunks and get spread?! Never again!!!

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            A purple heart to Capetowngirlie for sucking it up for the rest of us.

            Thanks for the report.


            1. After my diatribe yesterday on chains, which was deleted :), I found myself at Subway today with the kids, in Simcoe. TRIED to talk them into Camp 31 but then OMG! they saw Subway. Heavy sigh.

              Anyhow tried the Lobster Sub, and I can only parrot capetown girl. Half the lobster they show in the pics. at $8.49, not a good deal. There were some large chunks of claw in it (which i have to admit were tasty), most mostly little tiny tiny itsy lobster bits. I won't do it again and will deter friends who want to try. And 2 hours later I'm starving.

              1. here's my report. i live in new england. a friend was visiting from georgia. he'd been dying for a lobster roll all year. we were driving by a subway when he sees the promo sign for lobster rolls and INSISTS we stop. he comes out with this thing which smelled and tasted like - if you're eating as you're reading posts please look away NOW - old, boiled, underpants. just don't do it. that's all.

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                  I decided to try lobster rolls at home instead and am quite sure I faired much better that way.


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                    If you're in New England, why would you guys stop at Subway of all places for a lobster roll?? There are so many good restaurants that serve up a real tasty lobster roll in New England. Subway is a terrible chain...

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                      believe me i begged my friend to not committ this atrocity! he just wouldn't believe me and he was too impatient to wait to to get to the cape or maine. he'd just goten off a plane from atlanta and was jonesing big time. just maybe he'll listen next time!

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                      hahaha, OMG that is too funny...thanks for the morning chuckle.

                    3. DT,
                      I'm trying to find out if Subway still has Lobster Subs. What city did you see this in?


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                        And they don't seem to advetise it anymore. Perhaps this summer again.


                      2. I tried this last year.....suckered in by big glossy ad on the menu board, just overflowing with chunks of wonderful lobster.........not good, not good at all.......it was like that fake "seafood" salad stuff they sell there...not a chunk to be seen anywhere..it was a good thing it wasn't good....because there was only about half of it as opposed to the ad on the board.

                        Lobster rolls around these parts, can be found FAR better for far cheaper and many a greasy spoon.

                        1. Have to agree with 'summeranne'. However not just about Lobster at Subway. Some things were just never meant to be sandwiched between slices of bread/rolls. Lobster has to be one of them.

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                            You've obviously never tried a REAL lobster roll!

                          2. In my high school days I worked in a Subway in Maine. During the summer the lobster salad would come to us from a local business on the coast. It was real lobster with decent sized chunks; however it was drowned in a heavy coating of mayo. I remember taking a taste and shuddering...not the way my beloved lobster should taste.

                            Because of that, if customers would ask how it was I would mention the really heavy mayo and say it was a matter of taste. That way they were warned, but I wasn't truly discouraging people not to buy it and ticking off my boss.

                            1. I just had a 6 inch loster sub at subway. I doubled the meat and the total was 11.99. It was good , not great but I thought it was a good value.

                              1. Just had a foot long lobster sandwich from subway, is real lobster, set in butter(? Fake) for $14.60 with the tax. Offered extra meat, get this, for $21.00, I told them they were off their rockers!! Sandwich was ok, lobster meat was formed, and was from the claw, next time I'm going to red lobster! Lol