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Jul 9, 2007 10:04 AM

Vegetarian in Munich and Vienna

I will be leaving for Europe (Munich, Vienna and Florence) on Friday and was hoping to get some restaurant recommendations for Munich and Vienna. The catch is I don't eat meat so was hoping I could find some vegetarian or vegetarian friendly options in both cities. My husband has been in Munich for the last month and has had trouble finding many options to eat (I probably should have posted this before he left...). Any help and recommendations would be much appreciated. If it helps we will be staying right near the Marienplatz in Munich and close to the Opera house in Vienna.

Thanks in advance for all of your help!

(Edit - we would prefer something in a low to mid price range - we are young and my husband is a grad student)

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  1. There should be plenty of options for you in Munich. Kafe Ignatz, Kafe Kopfek, Prinz Myshkin and Zerwirk are the most famous all-veg restaurants downtown but there a bunch of others, as well as veg/organic cafes in various health-food stores (there'e a nice big one between Tal and the Viktualienmarkt) and of course any Indian, Lebanese/Turkish or Italian place would have quite a few decent options. The German restaurants are not as veg friendly but you can at least get the cheese spaetzle, maultashen (like german ravioli) or reiberdatschi (potato pancakes.) Then there are also a lot of nice cafes in the Maxvorstadt district, all of which have at least a few veg options on the menu.

    1. Vienna is an excellent city to be vegetarian (and vegan) in. There are many pure-vegetarian/vegan restaurants, especially within walking distance of the Opera (1st district - which is district 1010 in any address). You are very close to the Naschmarkt area (very large market, hard to miss in any Vienna guidebook), which features lots of Asian and Mediterranean restaurants, which is commonly vegetarian friendly. For mock meats, I'd highly recommend Vegetasia, an all you can eat, vegetarian Taiwanese lunch buffet featuring heaps of mock meat dishes, for around 7 EUR. There are two locations, one in the 7th district (1070) and one in the 4th district (1040). Both are walkable, if you don't mind seeing a bit of the sights (15-20 minute walk I'd say). I recommend the 7th district location. for more info.

      In fact, I'd recommend you check out . It is a social restaurant reviews network with A LOT of vegetarian users in Vienna.

      My tips, stay around the 1st (1010), 6th (1060) and 7th (1070) districts ( Try and visit Vegetasia (1070), Cafe Nil (Egyptian with a few vegetarian options and great falafel + free WIFI - district 1070), Restaurant World (vegetarian/vegan curry buffet for less than 7 EUR - district 1160) and Rupps ('traditional' austrian cuisine, all vegetarian in an irish pub setting - district 1050).

      1. I just returned from Vienna and enjoyed a Sri Lankan restaurant called "Colombo Hoppers". The meal was exceptional, and it was a highlight of our trip. I'm Indian so for me this was a gem of a restaurant. Google the restaurant for their great website.

        1. You have vegetarian options in many places in Munich. For instance Augustiner always has one or two veggie specials at least. There's a Japanese restaurant by Marienplatz that has a take away window for instance (across the street from Kaufhof). Among Indians not far from your place, there's one which is quite good at the corner Baaderstrasse and Kohlstrasse. And there's a slighty fancier Italian called "La Famiglia" in Isartor. Also im Tal great pizzas to go at La Pizzeta. Great Chinese Kam Yi in Rosenheimer strasse, on the other side of the river, facing the Gasteig. I'm sure more knowledgeable persons will kick in but those are good places I know not far from you and offering vegetarians options.