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Jul 9, 2007 09:45 AM

Soft shell crabs in Baltimore/Sunday brunch

I am heading to Baltimore this weekend with some family and am looking for a place to get good seafood especially soft shell crabs while they are in season. Any ideas?

Also I just booked the Sunday brunch at the Rusty Scupper, was that the right move?? Any better places for Sunday brunch??

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  1. Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton for seafood.

    Rusty Scupper is really not much in the food department, but in my pre-Chowhound days I took some out of town guests there and watched the rain fall over the harbor at night. It was beautiful. I'd look for somewhere else for brunch, though I'm not the person to tell you where.

    1. I haven't eaten at the Rusty Scupper in a number of years, and maybe the food has gotten better. But the real attraction there is the view, which is a very nice one indeed.

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        Hull Street Blues on Hull Street(duh!) in South Baltimore does a very reliable Sunday Brunch..but get a reservation....

      2. The Rusty Scupper is not somewhere I'd think to go for brunch and as JP mentioned, if you go, its for the view and not the food. I'd consider Gertrudes @ the Baltimore Museum of Art, they have a good brunch menu that has a strong MD and Seafood leaning and the gardens are beautiful. Def call ahead for a reso.

        I second Mama's for SSCrab sandwiches, Aldo's in Little Italy also has a good SSC app't.