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Jul 9, 2007 09:40 AM

Pirates Cove, Belford - Comments?

Located next to the Belford Cooperative, just across Pews Creek from the Belford Ferry Terminal is the Pirates Cove Restaurant. Has anyone been there and what is the verdict. Their website is

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  1. I haven't been this year but I used to go often when I lived next door. They renovated and built a nice deck which was a big improvement. They have good lobster salad and red clam chowder (my favorite). My father liked the clam spaghetti and he's pretty picky about that dish. My husband liked the fried shrimp sandwhich. All in all, a good place to go and sit on a deck overlooking the bay and the city (when it's clear).

    1. Always wondered about this place. I see it advertised all the time, but have never been. taste test seems to like it. Anyone else out there?

      1. Went to Pirate's Cove -- Tuesday evening at sunset. Nice, relaxing patio seating. We watched the fishing boats go out for the evening, and fisherman walking on the jetty, silhouetted against the bay and distant city lights.

        Food notes:
        1.5 dozen steamer clams ($18). These were excellent. Very fresh and perfectly prepared.
        dozen roasted clams ($10) Very fresh and good.
        fried calamari ($9) - This was good quality, but not how I like it. It was a spicy batter, fried tender rather than crispy. Served with hot and regular marinara sauces.

        Service was very nice. BYOB. We will definitely be back for those clams!


        My bad photo of the nice patio and view:

        (THANKS to RobertinRedBank and taste test for alerting us to the change in ownership and the website link.)

        Pirates Cove On the Bay
        Port Monmouth Rd, Port Monmouth, NJ, USA

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        1. re: val ann c

          Thanks Val!! Nice looks beautiful!!

          Sounds like a great place! I want to try, and I read some of your reviews before, so I know I can trust yout taste! Once we go, I will post!

          Thanks again!

          1. re: val ann c

            Well Val inspired me and my spouse to make the trip up to Belford last night. It was a beautiful evening, low 80s, a slight breeze and low humidity. We arrived at Pirates Cove about 7PM and the deck was about half full. Of course we opted to sit outside. As Val mentioned above the view was of the best in Monmouth County. Some folks may be put off by the older fishing boats tied up near the deck but this is a working fish harbor. One thing I would suggest to the owner would be to put up about 6' of white lattice on the railing to screen the parking lot.

            Since my wife loves steamers she did the same as and a half dozen Maine steamers at market price which was $18. She said they were some of the best she has had. She also had the house salad for $7 which was not eaten because she was I will take to work tomorrow.

            I had a wonderful bowl of New England clam chowder ($4). A tad thin, however the clams were cooked just right and the dish had a nice zip to it. I decided on the Shrimp Scampi ($19) I had it with smashed red garlic potatoes rather than the traditional rice. Although the shrimp (7 jumbo) was very tasty I wished they had been brownded a little more. And having the shrimp served over the potoatoes was a little strange to me. The potatoes themselves were nothing to write home about. I got a house salad with my entree which was very fresh. The bread was basic.

            The waitress was very nice (she lived in our town). She said the owner is introducing a new menu soon that will be more upscale and have more choices for non-seafood fans

            On the whole it was a nice evening and we will return.

            1. re: RobertinRedBank

              I too was inspired to go back to the Pirate's Cove after Val's report. The weather was beautiful- a perfect night for eating on the deck. I had the steamers and they were great. After we ate I noticed another couple eating these amazing looking salads. They looked like a basic green salad but piled high with lobster (plain, not with mayo). I will definitely order that on my next visit.

              1. re: taste test

                I was tempted to order the salad with steak, but they are expensive. There is the base salad price of $7, plus the add-on steak for $10. For that price it had better have very good salad greens, a generous portion of good steak, and a great dressing. Of course, you are paying for that great view and you save money with BYOB.

                On the subjects of salads... Inlet Cafe in Highlands has a ceasar salad topped with fried calamari. Price is $12. It's a huge salad. The calamari was delicious. The greens were fresh, but it was the usual chopped romaine and tomatoes with a standard ceasar dressing.

              2. re: RobertinRedBank

                The new owner is gonna put fried chicken on the menu.

            2. Wow I just read a good article about an hour ago about this place. Here is the link and some pictures at the bottom.