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Jul 9, 2007 09:22 AM

banana peppers - what to do with them all?

My banana pepper (sweet) plants are flourishing this year - I'm picking about a dozen peppers a day - pretty good for a handful of plants in my little container garden!

There's just two of us and we can't keep up! My coworkers are meat-and-potato-without-the-potato types, so it's hard to even push them off on others.

Other them putting them on a pizza, what can I do? I've tried them in a few iterations of pasta salads, and they don't work for me that way.

It breaks my heart to have such big, fresh peppers going to waste. We ultimately use about half of what I pick over the course of a week.

Any suggestions? I have a 90-minute-each-way commute - so I try to keep things simple.

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  1. Roast, peel, and freeze for the taste of summer in winter?

    Roast peppers are good in fritata, with sauteed onions and/or roast potatoes and a little fresh herbs and grated cheese of your preference.

    Also, how about stuffed peppers? A large pan of these makes a couple of meals.

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    1. re: Louise

      Banana peppers aren't that big to make stuffed peppers. Just a bit too skinny.

      1. re: descolada

        I fully disagree! Every year we get hot banana peppers and make hot sausage stuffed banana peppers!

        I use the following recipe, except I do half hot sausage and half ground sirloin. The recipe works for 3-4 pounds of peppers, not the eight peppers the recipe calls for! I also make a double batch of the sauce. They free extremely well are are great served over pasta.

        1. re: Rick

          i'll bet that dish is popular. it looks terrific.

        2. re: descolada

          Don't stuff, just layer in pan, like when making lasagna.

      2. Freeze them, straight up. Wash them and let them dry - then lay them out on a cookie sheet and stick them in the freezer overnight. Dump the frozen peppers into a freezer bags and put them back in . Pull them out whenever you need them - they'll still be great for pizza, sauces, etc.

        Sounds like the container garden worked out for you - I've never had the discipline to keep up with them.

        1. A Southern favorite:

          Banana peppers, sliced in half and seeded
          1 c. milk
          1/4 c. flour
          1 1/4 lb. cracker meal, unseasoned
          1 1/4 tbsp. red pepper
          Oil for deep frying

          Cut peppers in half; soak in milk and flour. Combine cracker meal, flour and red pepper to make breading mixture. Remove peppers from milk and roll in breading. Deep fry at 350 degrees until golden brown.

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          1. re: DetectDave

            we deep fry them too but in beer batter.yummy

            1. re: DetectDave

              Hey Dave- so does the heat stay with the peppers or after soaked in the milk does it tame them down

              1. re: Manley

                Hot banana peppers aren't that hot. At best they're mild.

                1. re: descolada

                  That depends - some banana peppers can be quite hot.

            2. not that I've ever done this myself, but you could try brining or pickling them and then using them on sandwiches (I'm kind of obsessed with the pepper rings they have at Blimpie) or in salads. I'm so jealous!

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              1. re: Sophia.

                I was going to suggest pickling them as well.

                1. re: QueenB

                  what's your recipe for a small amount of skinny peppers to pickle them. Thanks my friend, can you e mail me at as i do not get on this site very often.... I appreciate any help as i would love to pickle them... thanks again my friend....

                2. re: Sophia.

                  Sophia, Thats what we do also. They make pizza great also. Brining is WAY easy. I bring a quart of water to a boil w/ 2 T sea salt. While its cooling, I clean and chop my peppers and fill my wide mouth quart mason jars. Then I ladle the cold brine over the top to cover the peppers and put a plastic lid on the jar hand tight. I did a real pretty jar of these whole, with red onion rings and garlic cloves too.

                  1. re: FarmSchooler

                    Will this actually preserve peppers? No canning? How long will they stay good that way? Thanks for your help.

                  2. re: Sophia.

                    I buy the commercially pickled banana peppers all the time. We put them in salads and use as toppings on sandwiches. DH sometimes chops them up fine, and tosses into red sauce for pasta. So, if pickling the fresh ones is easy (and I'd guess it is), that's what I'd do with them.

                    1. re: masha

                      I finely chop the pickled banana peppers and use them in turkey burgers or meatloaf

                  3. I usually do this to hot peppers but I don't see why it wouldn't work with sweet ones.

                    I slit up the side and pull out seeds using the back of an Asian soup spoon. Stuff with goat cheese and chorizo or a good blue cheese, cover in egg bath and panko and deep fry.

                    I serve with a sweet and sour.... oh so good.

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