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Jul 9, 2007 09:19 AM

Cooks Double Dutch in Culver City?

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for opinions on this place in Culver City that has a good selection of vegetarian/vegan options (at least from their website).

How's the food here? What's the ambiance like? I'm hoping for a really casual, neighborhood-restaurant vibe that I can appreciate multiple times a week.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. The food is good! I've been there once for dinner and once for lunch. Had a club sandwich + salad for lunch. The sandwich was good and portion size was generous. For dinner, I think the portion size was not humongous, but it was incredibly tasty. I think I had a tofu & vegetable stir fry on rice and my husband had a quiche or vegetable pot pie - something with a pastry, and roasted veggies. That was good too. Best of all, they have a nice wine list by the glass and I believe they said on Thursdays the wine is half price. Very cozy, cheerful and casual atmosphere, awesome old cafe jazz kind of music and great service. Big oil paintings of cupcakes and other goodies on the walls.

    1. I go for lunch all the time and its very very good. Service can be slow though. They always have a vegan soup available. It definately has a neighborhood vibe and is very casual. Highly recommend the sweet potato fries and the turkey meatloaf. Also their salads are huge and very tasty.

      1. Just a bit north of Culver City (like a mile or two) on National is The Vegan Joint.

        It's my wife's favorite restaurant and she is not a vegan. She just loves the food.

        I like it, too.

        It is exactly as you describe: a neighborhood place that you can go to multiple times a week. One time my wife went four times in seven days. When I go, you can just tell that half the people in there are regulars.

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            When I worked near by would have lunch there multiple times per week. Sometimes there is a wait but not as popular as the joint next door, so could be worse. I really like the Exotic salad with dried apricots and feta cheese (hold the chicken) and sometimes a side of sweet potato fries. My friend LOVES the turkey meatloaf. They have diet cream soda too! The service is good even when the food takes too long to get out of the kitchen.

            I also like Tender Greens-it gets great reviews here too.

          2. The food is really good. The service is so bad that my entire office has stopped going here. Seriously. We were the go several times a week gang. Then a few times a month. Then occasionally. Now, I can't remember the last time I went. I love their exotic salad with Chicken (good greens, chicken, feta, apricots and nuts, yum!) My husband liked their veggie burger (and he's so not the veggie burger type.) But the service is just plain bad. Eat in, it would take us well over an hour to finish lunch in an empty restaurant, don't even try to get a iced tea refill. Takeout, they'd constantly screw up the order. (Only so many times of "we'll comp your dessert next time" makes up for the bad service) The owner is quite sweet, and obviously cares about serving good food, but she hires incompetent staff.

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                My experiences were all at lunch (but still, they weren't slammed.) Perhaps dinner is more professional.