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Jul 9, 2007 09:17 AM


My mother and her husband will be in Montreal in a few days celebrating her 80th birthday. They prefer french served in grand fashion. I am opting to treat them and would like to know the top 3 or 4 french restaurants in Montreal which have historically been deemed the finest over the years and which still retain their quality. Need very very nice and attractive setting/ambiance.

Please help...



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  1. Le Caveau on Victoria, off President Kennedy or La Rapiere in the SunLife building are really typical restaurants, not bistros, which seem to be what you are looking for. You could also try La Chronique. Otherwise, La Porte on St-Laurent is very good.

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    1. re: swissfoodie

      What about the following:

      1. Chez Queux
      2. Le Parchemin
      3. Ses Chenets

      How would you rate those three alongside those that you have mentioned? Thank you very much. I want to make this birthday very memorable.


      1. re: skreamer

        While the food at the Parchemin was quite good the two times I ate there, the service was irratic at best. I think I would pick a more reliable place for a big evaent like an 80th birthday.

        I have eaten at Le Caveau about a half dozen times. It is pleasant and agreeable but nothing spectacular if that is what you are aiming for.

        I have never personally been to L'Autre Saison but a Chowhounder here recently was raving about it; it has been around for decades I think; the decor looks very elegant in an old fashion sort of a way.

    2. It sounds what you are looking for is a "Grand" place
      My suggestions would be Bonaparte in Old Montreal, ask to sit in the main room with the fireplace, stunning setting, excellent black vested sterling service and always great food. I refer this place so often I should own half of it by now! If you really want to do something spectacular first have a cocktail in the libary at the Saint James Hotel and then walk to Bonaparte. I do this often and it always impresses even my most spolied guests.

      or you could try

      Le Mas Des Oliviers 1216 Bishop Tél.: 514.861.6733
      Classic good French food served in a quaint atmosphere.

      1. What about the Beaver Club ? It might not be the most classical French experience, but it's "classy" in the jacket and tie kind of way.

        1. I second Le Mas des Olviers and would throw in Toqué, even though it is not classic--I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.

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          1. re: foodismyfriend

            I recently had a discussion with a member of "that other board" who while enjoying the food at Toqué, was dismayed by the slow and disorganized service.

            1. re: rcianci

              Good to know. Maybe not the best suggestion for an 80 year old birthday then! Thanks!