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Jul 9, 2007 08:59 AM

"There's No Place Like Home Restaurant" ????

i just got an email from a friend telling me about this place. Has
ANYONE heard of it or have been there?!?!?

1760 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA

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  1. I think it's just called Home, or at least is more referred to as just Home. I've been there once for brunch. It's a nice place, cute inside, very nice patio area outside. Pretty basic American food. Nice.

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    1. re: LisaStitch

      I agree with Lisa Stitch. It's nice place that I would frequent more often if I lived close by. There is free street parking available. I don't know if they changed this but there isn't a hostess stand. The service isn't the most prompt so I saw people awkwardly standing in front waiting for someone to seat them.

      The food isn't fantastic but above average. They have some original takes on american classics like a tuna sandwich with roasted almonds.

    2. There's probably something decent on the menu, but it wasn't what I ordered. My omelet came draped with a slice of partly congealed American cheese. The food is very, very average although it's a nice patio. I think Alcove down the street is much better.

      1. It was in my regular weekend breakfast rotation when I lived within walking distance. I really liked their breakfast potatoes, as I recall. Standard breakfast fare. I liked the French toast & their egg dishes. They also served up a decent burger, as I recall, and offered a red hamburger relish (see recent thread on this topic), now that I think about it. The main reason to go there, though, was definitely the patio. Strolling over on a pleasant weekend morning, sitting on the patio for some decent grub at reasonable prices, and walking back home, is truly one of the joys of SoCal living.

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          The few times I've been, the food's been OK, but the service has been suffering under the Silverlake/Los Feliz curse (i.e.,not just slow but mind-bogglingly, bad-comedy-movie-script bad...).

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          1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

            i agree. the service is slooooooooow and the food is incredibly mediocre. go to the alcove up the street.

            1. re: miniminx

              too many smokers lingering about, the food is WAY mediocre and the service is not only slow but SNOTTY. i had a waitress act as if it were my fault that *she* got my order wrong.

              stupid move, missy. you pissed off the wrong person: *I* was the one paying.

              hence my personal boycott of the place.

              i wish you many C ratings and dwindling clientele, hateful Home cafe.

              go to the Alcove instead.

        2. thanks!!!!!! i'll just go and try alcove....havent been there yet!!!!

          1. It's awesome! The french toast and breakfast burrito were delicious! & the mocha latte rivalled Starbucks!!:) Yummy breakfast all in all! & as everyone says, the patio's fabulous, but the smoking allowed out there nearly ruined everything! They need to disallow it (as the Alcove does!) or, at least, make one side smoking and the other not... depending on the direction the wind tends to blow!:) Nothing like cigarette smoke to ruin a good meal!!