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Jul 9, 2007 08:10 AM

Anything dog-friendly near Lakeville, CT?

I'm looking for a few dog-friendly choices in the Lakeville, CT area. I'd like places with outdoor seating but I'll settle for takeout if need be. Would be happy with any food in any price range!

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  1. Try Cheffrey's for take out. Excellent food- nice people. I like the Woodland and the Boathouse but do not think that canine companions are welcome. Over in Millerton there are a couple of good places for take out, too.

    1. NO dog friendly places, it's not allowed in CT. Wonderful food at The Woodlands by Hotchkiss. And when the dining room is open at the Lake Robin Inn, it can be spot on - eclectic menu.

      1. I stay at the Interlaken Inn frequently - a pet-friendly resort / inn with room service available from their restaurant! Sometimes we take our lunch or dinner and sit by the lake. Beautiful area!

        1. try chives in lakeville. they have an outdoor patio that would allow dogs

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          1. We have vacationed in the Lakeville and surrrounding area now for the second time in four years with a dog and find the area as dog-friendly as any we have ever been to. We stay at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville and had breakfast there every morning. We can't leave our dog in the room so we took her with us. It was a bit awkward with the main restaurant being upstairs and the patio being downstairs but we made it work.

            In Lakeville itself, there is 'On the Go' which is breakfast and lunch spot with picnic tables outside where we eat with our dog. Right next door is Mizza (sp?) Pizza which has a patio where we have also had our dog. We had a very nice dinner at The Boathouse and were allowed to have our dog with us on their patio with no problem. We called ahead as we generally did when we wanted to go to a decent place for dinner. The only place with a patio that said no to having a dog was the White Hart Inn.

            A few minutes west of Lakeville just over the Connecticut-New York state border is a lovely little town called Millerton. If Mickey D's is to your taste there is one there with outdoor seating. For dinner, we were allowed to have our dog with us on the patios at both Mamma Dew and The Hamilton Restaurant. Both very good. There is also Taro's Style Pizza and Restaurant on the main street with a small patio that allowed us to have our dog with us while we ate when we were in the area a few years back. As an aside, most every shop in Millerton allowed us to bring our dog in with us.

            Finally, in a town called Amenia, NY, an easy 15-20 minute drive west of Lakeville, there is a restaurant called Four Brothers Pizza with a huge outdoor patio that we also found to be dog-friendly. The menu goes far beyond pizza with a wide variety of choices including a Greek salad that is to die for.

            I realize that the original post in this thread was posted a year ago, but hopefully someone will find this information useful down the road.