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Jul 9, 2007 07:38 AM

Stuck In Plymouth,MA. Help!

The in-laws have a beach house in Plymouth,MA. In the summer, most weekends are spent there. I have yet to find one restaurant that is worthy of returning to. We've had good views, okay service, and food that can barely be swallowed. We always end up back at this place in a boat yard that I couldn't even tell you the name of it. It's terrible food, but good drinks and the view is nice. We have enjoyed many of the clam shacks around town, but every once in a while, we want a really nice meal. It's vacation, and what's vacation without a great meal? Other than preparing it myself, is there any place in Plymouth or the Plymouth area that has good food? Help!

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  1. The Lobster Hut is pretty good for fried seafood and the like. Pretty consistent. Also, if you feel like heading north a bit, Tosca in Hingham is a fabulous Italian restaurant

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      I disagree about the Lobster Hut. I'd go to Wood's which is right nearby. I got caught up in a friends-from-out-of -own visit to Lobster Hut in July and it was pretty bad.

      I was born and raised in Plymouth and going back to visit is torturous when it comes to finding good food (never mind good produce - and prices - in the supermarkets!) I've not tried any of the more upscale restaurants, because why bother (?), but here are a few tips:

      I quite like the Brazilian restaurant in North Plymouth across from Wayne's seafood (don't bother going there - downhill since an ownership change). Cafe Brazil it might be called. The salgadhinos from the Brazilian shops in town are not worth the calories.

      The downtown Thai place is okay - I'd get in the car and drive 15/20 min. north to Siam Cuisine in Hanover, between exits 12 and 13.

      In Plymouth, there's a seafood shack right on Plymouth beach that my family is raving about (yeah, take that with a grain of salt, but they swear the lobster roll is fresh-made, and there have been raves about grilled bluefish and great baked potatoes). I'll be checking it out with moms and gram this weekend!

      I like the greasy everything pizza from Al's (the linguica makes it) but noteworthy pizza it ain't.

      I believe that "The Cuisine of Mark Connelly" was doing weekend dinner service. If that is still true, it's worth checking out. It won't qualify for a really nice meal, but the food is solid. Probably the better salads you can find in town.

      There are a lot of newer places that I've not yet tried (some mentioned on this thread already), like the Italian spot in town. I've been meaning to check out Persey's since it relocated to downtown Plymouth, too.

      Otherwise, when my sister is visiting, we go ol' school and head to one of the "early bird special" kind of places in Wareham, like Lindsay's. Ranch dressing on your side salad, a baked potato, and a seafood casserole. It is what it is....

    2. I had dinner last week at Solstice, in Kingston, less than 10 minutes from Plymouth. It was excellent. It's not "beachy", more like a casually dressy, city restaurant, with a great bar, great wine list, and delicious food. Check it out.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I wonder why someone doesn't open up a decent place in downtown Plymouth.

          1. We've been twice this month to the relatively new Enoteca de Vino, on Court St. near the courthouse. For apps, a nice calamari putanesca (a little short on the calamari, and a little long on the sauce), wonderful mussels, served without shells, a Maine shrimp pizzette. For mains, pasta bolognese was superb and inexpensive, large broiled scallops were very, very good, The wine list is extensive and reasonable. The servers (co-owners) are helpful and enthusiastic.

            In Plymouth we also like Cafe Strega (Main St. Extension) and Tuscany Tavern. (Court St.).


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              I'm from the south shore, and I second your lament: there isn't much to eat in plymouth! Here are my recs:

              For coffee, bagel sandwiches, pastries and just a relaxing coffee house, Kiskadee on court st. is perfect.
              In terms of dinner, don't miss 'ILARIA' which is right accross from East Bay Grill ( you can skip that, unless you like huge crowds)
              Also, I used to have really good luck with Namaste for Indian food. It has changed hands now, but I'd check it out. Again, this is on court st.
              Finally, I can't give enough praise to Solstice. Amazing food, great atmosphere and wonderful staff. Don't go much longer without trying it!

              Hope those give you some more options! Good luck ;)

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                I second the Enoteca di Vino suggestion. I have had two very good meals there now. I also posted a review on the Boston board.

                Enoteca Di Vino
                39 Court St, Plymouth, MA 02360